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An Introduction to Sex Games


We've come a long way from 'spin the bottle' and 'key parties' (that was big in the 1970s for swinging couples, where you randomly exchanged car keys and slept with whoever got yours). Now you can experience sex games on the internet from the comfort of your own home, and even when you're out and about, thanks to mobile sex games. If you're ever feeling a bit horny, whether with your partner or just yourself, you can open up your favourite browser and log onto one of many different sex game sits out there, and immediately start playing all sorts of games with sexy characters getting into hot, x-rated situations and positions. While there might be an end goal like in most games, the main one here is always you having a really hot time, and the HookupAds Sex Game Directory wants to help you make that happen.

Who Plays Sex Games?

Since all you need is an internet connection, anyone over the age of eighteen can play them (they are pornographic, after all). But certainly the last few generations that have grown up with video game systems in their houses would be more drawn to these sex game sites.These games have a lot of similarities to the styles of regular video games, where you have to press a button at a certain time to get a reaction, or select one option out of several choices to advance the story. If you're familiar with games like Mario, pokemon, Call of Duty, or Grand Theft Auto, then the mechanics of how to play these games will come a lot easier to you.

Different Sex Game Genres

Since sex games are modelled on regular video games, you'll find that the genres of games you would play on a regular console like Nintendo or Playstation will be found on sex game sites as well (although admittedly not always with the same quality).


The difference between the first two are rather obvious. Most of the sex games out there are totally free to play, but you'll find they can be rather short, and that the quality might not be what you hoped or. Premium games are ones you have to pay for, either as a one time fee, or as a monthly subscription, and the difference is that the graphics and storyline will be much better. 'Freemium' games are those that are free to play, but have certain bonuses and extra features within them that you have pay for to access.


RPG stands for 'role-playing-games', and this is a very popular genre. You will play as 'yourself' (you can write in any name you want), and you will interact with other characters in the world by choosing from a list of answers to their questions. The more pleasing the answers, the more likely that the other characters will like you, and eventually start to get very excited at the idea of having some incredibly hot sex with you.

Arcade Sex Games

Just like arcade games are usually tapping the same few buttons repeatedly to fire at an enemy, with arcade sex games you will tapping your button repeatedly, but it would now be on a hot characters' body parts. The faster and longer you go, the more excited they will get (and it will be obvious, the way they react), with the ultimate of helping them achieve orgasm.

Puzzle Sex Games

These are fairly simple. Sometimes it's like a reverse jigsaw puzzle, and the more pieces you click in place, the sexy image of whatever is behind the puzzle part is revealed. This can also include strip poker games, where you aren't playing with real money, but when you do win, the model in front of you takes off another article of clothing.

Sex Simulator-Interactive Sex Games

Combining a dating forum and 3D interactive sex scenes, these types of games involve you creating an avatar, and allow you to walk around a massive virtual world where you can meet other people's avatars, and then have sex with each other. You can customize your character to look just like you want, and the graphics technology is getting better and more realistic with every year. These are the high-end premium sex games.

LGBT Sex Games

While a lot of games target primarily a heterosexual audience, this is certainly changing with the times, and now a lot of the types of games described above have content (or are entirely original) that can appeal to those in lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered communities.

Niche Sex Games

With so many sex games being developed, it's easy to appeal to much smaller audiences who are looking for only certain aspects and features. Maybe it's a certain type of character (real, cartoon, or imagined), a certain type of scenario, or even a certain type of sex act. Regardless, many of these sex game sites have hundreds or thousands of games available, so you can definitely find one that fulfills your exact fantasy.

More Detail on Specific Sex Game Types

While the above was a good overview, there's a lot more to learn about sex games if you want to become an expert on them! Read on!

Mobile Sex Games

Sometimes you don't just want to play a sex game sitting in front of your computer, but sitting on a bus or sitting in your cubicle at work (we won't tell anyone!). For that, there are mobile sex games, and there are sites out there that offer versions of certain games that are designed specifically for your phone.

Meet 'n' Fuck Games

While the name pretty much says it all, these are games where you are going to be interacting with real people in a virtual message board, or computer controlled characters. The point is trying to chat with them for a bit, and then eventually get them to agree to have sex with you. And whether you think it will be easier with another person or a character says a lot about you!

Cartoon/Hentai Sex Games

The art and visual style of most sex games are cartoons. This means that certain body parts will be exaggerated, but it also allows for bizarre scenarios involving human-like animals, aliens, monsters, and other really imaginative visuals you won't be able to see anywhere else. The Japanese cartoon style known as anime is extremely popular when it comes to sex games. In fact, x-rated Japanese anime even has it's own name: Hentai.

3D Computer Graphics Sex Games

As CG technology has gotten better - and you can see it in blockbuster movies - eventually the quality difference reaches pornography as well. Since there are more and more videos on any big porn site that involves 3D graphics of women and men with extremely large body parts getting it on, it wasn't much of a jump to make games out these images and animations. You'll find that a lot of premium sex games employ this style, and highlight the realistic nature of the appearances and the sexual actions.

Real Life Sex Games

Yes, sometimes you will see actual human models in sex games. Some of them simply strip when you make the right move in a puzzle or gambling game, but there are changes to more interactive-styles of gaming with real porn stars. A lot of different setups and outcomes are filmed at one time, and then edited in a way so that the player can make decisions as these play to see what kind of sex they can have with these hot models.

Parody Sex Games

Going back to cartoons and hentai for a moment, you'll no doubt notice quite quickly that a lot of the sex games out there features very familiar looking cartoon characters. Whether from popular animated shows or movies, there are definitely very dirty versions of these characters in a lot of these games, and they are doing some very dirty things in them (for a lot of sex game fans, this is a feature, not a bug). To not get sued, sometimes you'll find these labelled under slightly different character names, but the similarity is pretty obvious.

Pokemon Sex Games

Pokemon is so popular that it gets its own section in the HookupAds directory. It's the biggest media franchise of all time, worth more than Star Wars and Harry Potter (there are sex game parodies of both of those, by the way). That means you'll be able to find a lot of games where the trainers and pokemon can't keep their hands off each other. since here you gotta do something more than just 'catch 'em all'!

Dress Up Sex Games

A niche sex game is a fairly simplistic one, where you can choose different clothing for a very sexy model (real, cartoon or 3D graphic), essentially playing 'dress up' with her. Now, mostly it's going to be lingerie and other sexy types of clothing, but you'll also be able to watch her undress, which is when for fans it's going to be most exciting.

Flash Sex Games

This is a reference to Abode Flash, the software platform that a lot of these sex games use. These are typically ones that have a more simplistic and cartoon style of animation and movement, so they typically run smoothly and don't require a really strong, constant internet connection. Very popular for mobile games.

VR Sex Games

VR stands for virtual reality, and yes, just as it is becoming more popular with actual video game companies, there's a few premium sex games out there that allows you to use devices like the Oculus Rift. Now instead of immersing yourself in an alien world where you have to look around by moving your actual head to kill a bunch of creatures, you can immerse yourself in a mansion full of beautiful people and move your head (and other body parts) to have hot sex with them.

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