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An Overview of Sex Toys


Sex toys are older than civilization itself, with thirty thousand year old dildos having been discovered in German caves. They were used in ancient Greece (made out of hardened bread), and referenced in Johnson and Shakespeare's plays hundreds of years ago. Despite this, it's only been the last several decades that the open admission of using and enjoying these devices has been permitted by mainstream society. With the sexual revolution of the nineteen-sixties, women and the LGBTQ community were finally able to experience a new level of freedom, and that is also reflected in the huge selection of sex toys that can be found today. Especially on the internet, which is why checking out HookUpAds.com Best Sex Toys List is essential.


The dildo is the oldest sex toy, probably because it is the simplest to make. It's just a smooth shaft, and the only limits in terms of size is the user's...imagination. Today you can find them made of silicone or PVC materials (which mirror the soft-yet-hard feeling of an actual penis), but in the past they could be made of wood, wax, or other natural elements.


Don't think for a moment that these are just dildos that shake a lot! Vibrators are much more intricate, and comes in all sorts of shape and sizes. In fact, some of the most popular models these days are vibrating eggs, or even 'magic wands', which look a bit like kitchen appliances. These models aren't necessarily for penetration, but for stimulating the clitoris.

Butt Plugs

For men and women, the prostate (the other super sensitive region after the g-spot, the clitoris, and the whole penis) can only be access via the anus, so you need to put something up there to start feeling great. Since people might be squeamish with their fingers (plus they get tired easily), there's the butt plug, which can be designed to have certain tip of it massage the prostate perfectly. Very popular in the BDSM community.

Cock Rings

Used as a helpful aid to prevent men from getting soft and/or ejaculating too quickly, these rubber or metallic rings slip over the penis when it's semi-erect, and is able to prevent the blood from leaving it sooner than desired (as well as ensuring that the release is held off as well). in the BDSM community, it is used as a bit of torture device, preventing guys from getting off when they're ready to.

Male Masturbators

While women have had dildos for thousands of years, men have just had their hands. At least until recently, as now 'vaginal sleeves' made out of silicone can add a 'no hands' approach to masturbating. The 'fleshlight' line of products is the best known, but there are other pocket-sized devices like Tenga eggs, that are ready for action whenever he is.

Penis Extenders

If you aren't exactly happy with your size, there are some solutions, and the easiest way is a bigger, fake penis that you wear over your own. While obviously temporary, it should certainly be able to satisfy your partner. The more complex way is a device you were for months that slowly and painlessly stretches your penis a few inches more.

Penis Pumps

An alternative way to enlarge your penis is through the pumping method, and there are both some very cheap and very expensive models that can add a bit of length and girth. They involve putting a plastic tube over your penis and then you pumping the air out so your penis is 'pulled' ever so slightly. Some of the higher quality types use water to get better results.

Sex Dolls

When people see the word 'sex dolls', they typically think of the silly inflatable balloon-like toys that you see at a bachelor party. And while you can still buy those for a couple bucks, now the big thing is life-size and life-like silicone mannequins that are pose-able, and have 'working' sex organs. For those willing to shell out a couple thousand dollars for a dream companion (since you can customize their features), heaven has arrived.

Sex Machines

If sex dolls are primarily for men, then sex machines are primarily for women. These are not vibrators, but actual devices (either in box-form or sometimes a power drill) with a dildo sticking out of one end that thrusts constantly at varying speeds. They are typically cumbersome and heavy, but for a lot of women, that's the same problem with husbands, anyway.

Sex Slings

If the bed has gotten boring, and the couch is too cramped, why not a sex sling? Hung from the ceiling or off a bedroom door, these flexible mini-hammocks are perfect to relax in while getting pounded. It's really helpful if you want to try the sensation of being suspended in air to some degree while having sex, and the ones that you can attach to a door are great for travel.


Compared to the other toys and items on here, lubricant may sound a little dull, but they are on the most popular items on these sites because they are so essential to so many different sexual activities. Any area that is a bit too dry for what's about to happen? Just add some lube, and everything will work great. And there are many different varieties, like water, silicone, and oil-based.


While no one would wear a condom if they didn't have to, it's a great way to be safe not only from unwanted sexually transmitted diseases, but unwanted children as well. There's obviously several sizes, types and brands, and most sites have a good process for you to determine which is the best for you.

BDSM Sex Toys

If you like things a little bit more extreme, then there are BDSM (Bondage, Dominance, Sadism, Masochism) Sex Toys. If you like wearing leather, and get turned on by feeling in power or by feeling powerless, this might be the kinky pastime for you.


This is where you are tired up, or tired to something. Sometimes with ropes, sometimes with leather wrist and ankle restraints, sometimes with your hands and arms in a specially made leather straitjacket. If not being able to move arouses you, check these toys out.


For those that like leather, it's not just clothing, it's a way of life. And in BDSM, it's the main ingredient in cuffs, in harnesses, in chaps, in blindfolds, in masks, and every other sort of piece of clothing that doesn't so much hide your nakedness but exposes it even more. Some sites even offer 'vegan' leather options, for animal-conscious.


It's leather's just-as-sexy sister. Latex is a form of rubber, which means the material stretches much easier than leather, and this means it's perfect for people who want to show off their bodies in tight undergarments, dresses, or even kinkier sorts of clothing (bodystockings, catsuits). It's stretchiness means its popular for lots of bondage gear like mouth gags, and more traditional sex toys like dildos.

Mouth Gags

in the BDSM world, sometimes the submissive person isn't supposed to talk. And to make sure they don't, there's mouth gags. These are typically balls of silicone, rubber or latex that on a chain or leash that is wrapped around a person's head, with the ball being placed in the person's mouth. Some more extreme variations have a dildo sticking either way on the end of the ball.

Floggers and Whips

When people think BDSM, they typically think spanking and whipping, and in this case, they're not wrong. It's a very popular part of dominant/submissive play, and as such a lot of these sites have huge selections of various paddles, canes, whips and other forms of punishment. There's even something called 'vampire gloves', which have a series of tiny pin tacks on the palm (shudder).

Strap Ons

It's like a dildo that you wear. There's the harness part, which the woman wears like underwear, and then there's the dildo part, which is affixed to the area of the harness that makes the most amount of sense. Certain dildos are designed to be used exclusively for harnesses. While strap-ons are certainly popular in lesbian relationships, 'pegging' is the nickname given for women who penetrate men anally with a strap on.

Nipple Toys

All this talk about penetration have made the nipples lonely, which is too bad because they are a wonderful erogenous zone, and many people - both men and women - are really turned on with device like breast pumps and nipple suckers. These items push out air and force the nipples to be pulled out, making them extra sensitive for the few moments after when you are your partner can squeeze or knead them to your heart's content.

Nipple Clamps

On the other hand, if you'd rather get a lot of pleasure from a little pain, there's nipple clamps, which don't really need to explained much further than that. But here it goes: They come in the style of little pinchers or little vices, and they're placed on the nipples and left there for as long as the person can stand it. And if that's not enough, there are even weighted clamps, where the nipples are pulled down on due to gravity.

Cock and Ball

The official term in BDSM circles is 'CBT', which stands for 'Cock and Ball Torture'. And it is that. There are several devices used, like cock rings that are purposely too small, leather or glass chastity belts which ensure it's very painful when you achieve an erection, and even weighted ball stretchers that pull down on your scrotum. They also have urethra inserts.

Enemas and Douches

With a lot of butt play being involved in general sex these days (and especially in BDSM play), it only makes sense that making sure your backside and its interior is clean, and that's why a lot of sites also provide watery ways to quickly clean it out after you've had your fun. There's also a small niche of people who actually enjoy when this process is done to them.

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