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If you are looking to enjoy any type of sexual encounter online and you don't want to feel committed doing so, then the best way is to read sex stories that will get you in the mood for sex, but not force you. If you have any kind of fantasy that you would want to live out, sex stories will provide you with that experience. If you know about these sex tales and you want to find freshly written content, then there are certain sex stories sites that you would want to know about. That is why Hookupads.com has written in-depth sex story reviews for those with that kind of interest. As it relates to selecting a site that provides you with some of the best sex stories to read, it can get quite intimidating, especially if you don't know what you are looking for. There are hundreds of sites to choose from to get the most benefits and so you need a little help, which we have provided by doing all the research for you. It is best to find the sites that list the appropriate features and makes it easy to navigate around. The sex stories reviews are handy because of the information that it provides to the user.

Explaining "Sex Stories"


Sex stories are listed on different website in different categories and sub-categories; making it easy to find without having to use the search bar initially. For example, when a sex story has the same theme and topic, it might be listed in the same category and in some case, it can be considered to be a niche topic and listed in a specific category. BDSM, for example would be considered a niche and listed in the BDMS category. Lesbian and bisexual sex stories would be listed in the sub-category of the BDMS category. Most sex stories fall into several different distinct categories and these include General, BDSM and LGBT. The sub-categories would include First Time, Young, Work, MILF, Fan Fiction, Embarrassing, Celebrity, BBW, Mature and Transsexual; just to name a few. The sex stories listed in the general categories are generic, but the ones in the niche category are specific to one's sexual preference, feelings, fantasies and fetishes. Therefore, the storyline, characters and plot are all created around all of this. When the sex stories are created like this, it prevents you from having to relentlessly search for a specific story in a certain niche. For example, if you want to read an embarrassing sex story, you would go directly to that category. And when you begin reading these stories, it will all sink in and you will probably assume the intent of each character; making the story come to life for your situation. In some cases, you will feel as if you are one of the characters because of how the story speaks to your situation because most of these sex stories are from personal experience. If you wanted to experience something new and you have never thought about engaging in bondage or submission, you would go directly to the BDSM niche and choose the bondage sub-category; reading sex stories that would give you an eye's view about how all of this works on a personal level. You could even make this your fantasy in real life. In comparison to porn videos, sex stories are more authentic because the storyline speaks volume about how people live their sexual lives.

Fictional Sex Stories

When a story is created by imagination, it would be considered to be fictional. This is one of the most well known ways that many people enjoy sex stories. Fan fiction is one of the sub-categories that you could choose to find many of these types of stories. Most of the time, fan fiction is written by an amateur using pop culture and make belief characters. Star Trek for instance is fan fiction and probably was the first and many of the fan fiction sex stories were created around Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk having various sexual encounters. In some cases, fan fiction might not be as sexually explicit or erotic as you would think. To guide readers into depicting the kind of fan fiction that they had chosen, these readers would look for the term "lemon," which was popularly used to warn about the explicit sexual content. The term became quite popular in 2001 and has since been the deciding factor of whether a sex story was filled with sexual content or not. For the teenager who did not want a parent to know they were reading sex stories, going online was and is the best way for them to read fan fiction that were labeled "lemon." There are some websites that have a mandatory age requirement of 18 years or older and so in that case, it would not be possible. Some websites allow a mobile version and so many fan fiction sex stories can be downloaded on a mobile device; making it even easier to read them without being detected. There are fictional sex stories too that are not fan fiction, but created from scratch by a talented and creative writer.

True Sex Stories

When sex stories are written from experience, we call them true sex stories. It means that you could probably identify with the characters. Those stories tend to inform the reader about a specific sexual orientation and alternative lifestyle; providing entertainment as well, but more informative than anything else. You get very close to the action and allow you to live out your fantasies because they are authentic in more ways than one. In most cases, true sex stories are not as hardcore as fictional sex stories or porn movies. You will be able to imagine or envision the various scenes in the story; making it seems as if you are one of the characters or part of the storyline or theme. You might see a little dirty talking, but not as much as you would in a fictional sex story. When the story is real, it is easier to reenact and see yourself in it. A true story is more factual than ever. It comes with certain facts that cannot be denied. You don't have to use your imagination since everything in the story scenes is real. The person writing the story has a due diligence and a responsibility of making sure that the events are true and the facts are just as they occurred. That means, any details about people, experiences, events and things have to be accurate. For example, if you are writing a true sex story from something that is a part of history, you have to get it right.

Brief History Sex Stories


Sex stories have been around for a long time, even if they were written as erotic literature or short stories or even novels, comics, manuals or memoirs. In the past, though, printing was a little bit pricey and so, the circulation of those sex stories was limited in scope. When the printing press was invented, it was at that time more short stories and novels were printed and passed around for more people to read. The market was huge when it came to sensual novels, but soon, the restrictions increased and many of them came off the market. Fanny Hill was one of the most successful and popular erotic novels in history. Later, it was made into a 19th century movie. The Story of O and Lolita were two 20th century erotic literatures that were considered to be art rather than dirty sex stories. It was during the 50s and 60s that lesbian sex stories became quite hot and popular, but they were written as dirty sex stories at that time and still the same today. It was at this same time what women began writing true short stories about their lesbian experiences. At Hookupads.com, we have compiled a guide of sex stories and the reviews so it can be easier for you to choose the websites that carry the best sex stories for you to read. Let us take a look at the advancement of sex stories and leave the history behind.

The Advancement Sex Stories

The Internet has given rise to the advancement of erotic sex stories that many readers have come to appreciate. Since the Internet came on the scene, there have been many sites being created to house thousands, if not millions of erotic sex stories that are fictional and authentic. Some of these sex tales have been posted on home pages and in discussion forums for interactive reading. As the Internet and technology continues to improve, more websites are being added and more features incorporated to make it more convenient for people to read sex stories. One such technology is the audio format where people who don't like to read can listen to the stories instead.

The Audio Sex Stories

People's lives are busy and for those who don't like to read either, audio sex stories have become the viable solution where people can listen to these stories while driving or while cooking in their home. The stories are still stored on the Internet, but can be downloaded on a mobile device or people can listen to them without downloading. All they have to do is go to the website and click the play button. This form of sex story creation is becoming quite popular, even though, the majority of the people online that love sex stories often prefer to read them instead. So, we won't dwell on this method for too long. It is all a matter of preference, flexibility and convenience.

Noticeable Features Of Sex stories

If you are shy and not as outgoing as some people are, but you want to try something new that ignites the passion in you and make you want to consider an alternative way to boost your sexual desire, the solution would be reading sex stories. When you read sex tales or erotica, it can even guide you into overcoming your shyness; giving you words that you can use in the bedroom. They call it 'dirty talk.' In so doing, you can be a secretive freak, living out your fantasies without anyone knowing about it. Or, you could include your lover by both reading sex stories aloud to each other and bring out the beast and passion in both of you. Who knows..it is possible that reading sex stories aloud to each other could become your new foreplay.

The Advantages of Sex Stories

When you start reading one of the hot sex stories online, it is an easy way to turn you on, especially if you are reading some raunchy and steamy sex scenes that provide vivid descriptions of different sexual acts. Reading makes it easy to absorb the story and let your imagination flow. It brings you out of the reality of your life into a world that is filled with nothing but niceness. So instead of thinking about your challenges, you are wondering about the next move that the characters are going to make to pull you further and further into their world. By the time, you are into the last scene, you should begin to feel horny, your libido could be aroused and you end up having an orgasm or two. Sex stories also can relieve stress and help you to relax; even to sleep better. It stimulates your mind and helps you to be more creative. Sex stories give you ideas of different sexual positions you could try in your bedroom.

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If you want to know more about sex stories, their history, finding them and how they can benefit you, discover it by reading the Hookupads.com guide.

The Hookupads Guide To Enjoyable Sex Stories Online

If you want to know more about sex stories, their history, finding them and how they can benefit you, discover it by reading the Hookupads.com guide.

The Hookupads Guide To Enjoyable Sex Stories Online