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Here at HookUpAds.com, we don't keep it a secret that we really enjoy sex clubs and hookup culture. And why wouldn't we? The swingers lifestyle is so ingrained in our society as human beings it's almost biblical. In fact, it is biblical - from the days of Sodom and Gomorrah we couldn't resist the temptation to get naughty with our neighbors!

If you've never been to a sex club before and don't really know what a sex club is, there's nothing about them that should make you nervous. If you look back far enough in history, you'll discover that Sex Clubs have been with us since the before 200 B.C. - back in the days of the Roman orgies! Although they didn't have as many kinky toys as we do now, they were basically pretty much the same as a modern-day swingers club: a gathering of willing adults who help each other explore the heights of sexual pleasure!

And we want to help you find those heights of passion and naughtiness as well - which is why we've used our resources and experience to assemble this concise and simple guide to sex clubs and hookup bars across the globe! Within this HookUpAds guides, interested people can discover the best places in the world to find new sex partners, find out what makes a great swingers club, find insightful and knowledgeable articles on sex culture across the globe, and learn the difference between hooking up at a bar, night club, or a sex club! We want to make sure you're prepared when you start your sexy new adventure of self-discovery, and we've left no stone unturned guaranteeing that you'll be ready when it comes time start playing the field and meet a sexy new friend!

Why Are Bars And Clubs Such Great Places To Find Hot Hookups?


It's been regarded as common knowledge throughout western culture that if you're out looking for sex, clubs and bars are a great place to focus your attention. And believe it or not, there are good reasons to think that statement is accurate. There are dozens of psychological processes that are at work in the human brain which are responsible for the fact that bars, pubs, nightclubs and dance clubs are the perfect place to find a sexy new hookup!

People Are Ready To Have Fun At Hookup Bars

By the time people arrive at the bar or the nightclub, they don't need to be prompted to have fun. In most cases, they've been at work all day (or all week), and have been thinking about the moment when they can finally leave the house and hit the town the whole time. And when you enter a place with a fun mindset, you immediately become more agreeable and ready to take risks - which means more sexy fun for everyone involved.

In A Hookup Club, The Alcohol Flows

We all know that alcohol plays a huge factor in reducing inhibitions among bar and club patrons - but the truth is that we're not fully understanding what that means. Just because someone has a drink doesn't mean that they're going to follow someone home right away, but it definitely lays the ground work for getting them their. What actually happens when your inhibitions become lowered is your 'polite society' filter turns off. This means that people end up having much more honest conversations with each other, which means they get to know each other better, and in turn become more attracted to each other.

It's A Place To Play Before You Play

One of the things that bars and nightclubs provide are activities for strangers to engage in with each other. Whether it's grinding up with each other on the dance floor, or simply playing a game of pool with a beautiful girl you've just met that night - when you engage in any sort of activity it inherently brings you closer to that person. This is because of the psychological mechanics of competition (like when you're playing foozeball, darts, or billiards with someone) and teamwork (when you're dancing with someone). And it doesn't hurt that physical activity can also raise your heart rate too. Although, we think you wont have much trouble raising your heart rate once you take your hot new hookup back home with you!

The Night Time Is The Right Time At Hookup Bars And Clubs

Lighting and ambiance can have a significant effect on the human brain, and it comes at no surprise that most hookup clubs and bars utilize this when designing their establishments. These nighttime factors play a huge role when your trying to find someone to hookup with at a bar or sex club. When we're in darker situations, our heart rates immediately slow down and we're greeted with a feeling of calm (like when we're going to sleep); however, once we hear a loud noise in a dark room (such as a DJ or live band), our fight or flight mechanism takes over and we become more excitable.

Nobody Is Happy When The Party Ends

It's simple human nature that when you're having fun, you don't want that fun to end. Most of us instinctively do what we can to keep that mood elevated and continuing through the night. So what do we immediately suggest doing when we hear the bar or club is closing for the night? Why, to take the hot and sexy fun back to your place of course! It's no wonder why most of us end up in a strange bedroom the morning after an unforgettable night at the bar!

What's The Difference Between Bars, Clubs, And Sex Clubs?


There are quite significant differences between trying to get a hookup in a bar, club, or sex club - and those differences might not be what you expect. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the differences between the different hookup venues available in order to pick one that's best suited to your sensibilities.

Private or Public?

Are you more reserved, or outgoing? Bars tend to be a much more private atmosphere when meeting people, as you can usually grab a seat at an out-of-the-way table or booth. Meeting people in Night Clubs is a much more public matter, as you are usually out in the open and surrounded by other people. Sex Clubs can be a mix of both, as most have both private and public exhibition areas.

Quiet or Loud?

The decibel level of music played at Bars tends to be much quieter than you would find in a Night Club. If you find loud music throws your game off, you might be best suited to try hooking up at a Bar. Those visiting their local Sex Club will usually find a good balance of both.

Passive or Active?

It may not seem intuitive, but those of you who tend to be a little more shy when it comes to finding a person for a hookup will probably have better luck in a Club than a bar, since it can be much easier to simply start dancing next to someone than striking up a conversation with them. If you're interested in becoming a member at your neighborhood Sex Club, it's somewhat necessary to have a good balance of both active and passive qualities.

Drinks or Alternatives?

If alcohol is all you need to get you on your way to a good night, then you'll find yourself satisfied at a bar, club, or a sex club. However, if you're a person who likes to explore alcohol alternatives chances are you'll have better luck at a dance club.

The Very Best Hookup Bars, Hookup Clubs, & Hookup Spots Worldwide


At HookUpAds.com, we've made it easy for you to find the hottest and most pleasurable hookups in your area thanks to our easy-to-use hookup guides. In these hookup guides we've gone into detail on the best hookup bars, hookup clubs, swingers clubs, and sex clubs in all of the major cities across the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. By familiarizing yourself with these pages, you'll dramatically increase your chances of finding a sex partner the next time you want to find some frisky company in any of those regions.

Feel free to glance through our overviews of the three major global regions below! However, if you'd like to go directly tour United States Sex Club Guide, CLICK HERE!; to direct your browser to our insightful Canada Swingers Club Guide CLICK HERE!; and to make your way to our handy UK Hookup Spot Guide, just CLICK HERE!

The Best US Hookup Spots

If you take a second to think about it, hookup clubs, bars, and sex clubs are as American as apple pie. The United States is a country full of deep histories and individual cultures depending on where you're located; yet no matter where they are, they all come together to make the country work. And this mentality is carried forward in it's hookup culture as well - an entire country of different backgrounds coming together for a good time. Besides, the whole idea of meeting someone in a bar is an integral part of nearly every hookup in America!

When you look through our US Hookup Spot guide, you'll learn about the best Bars, Night Clubs, and Swingers Clubs to find the greatest action! Discover for yourself why The Dirt Bar in Houston, Texas is such a hot spot for hookups. Read about why you should try to find a sex partner at FREQ - one of New York's steamiest night clubs! Or familiarize yourself with the in's and outs of Los Angeles's premiere sex club, The Threshold Society.

These are only just a couple of the sinful establishments across America you can find by clicking on our the following city pages below!

The Best UK Hookup Spots

The United Kingdom is a cultural melting pot in Europe. People from all over the world flock to the UK in order to stat a new and exciting life; and they bring with them all of their kinky customs as well! Which means some of our hottest new ventures in sexual exploration can at least partially be traced back to the United Kingdom. Now more than ever young people in the UK (especially those who have immigrated from more reserved countries) feel free to experiment sexually, which is why hookup bars and sex clubs are so important to the area. After all, we can't think of a safer place to experiment than a swingers club!

By reading our sex guides, you can find out why everyone in Glasgow goes to The Drake Bar when they want to have a fun night while looking for a frisky playmate. Take a look at why Concorde 2 (the nightclub where Fatboy Slim got his start) is the best dance club to visit when anyone in Brighton is looking for sexy action. Or become educated on The Hellfire Club, a sex club bursting with limitless erotic sensuality on edge of London.

Have we piqued your interest yet? Click on the UK cities listed below and find out about their hottest hookup clubs, bars, and swingers clubs for yourself!

The Best Canada Hookup Spots

Canada is known for being a very nice and polite country - but just because they're polite and nice doesn't mean they don't like to play naughty when they feel like it! Everybody needs a release once in a while, which is why the hookup bars and sex club scene in Canada is one of the best in the world! Maybe it's because they're just trying to stay warm up there, but it seems like everyone in Canada is always trying to take each other to bed!

By looking through our Canadian city guides, you can see for yourself why hip singles and couples go to The Narrow Lounge in Vancouver to look for new nighttime friends. When glancing through our guide to Montreal, you'll be able to read why New Gas City is the city's go-to nightclub if you like your hookups hot and fun! In our Toronto sex club guide, you can get an idea of why the Oasis Aqua Lounge is such a draw for swingers in the area (here's a hint - they have a heated outdoor pool!).

But those are only just a few of the swingers clubs, bars, and hookup clubs we'd like to tell you about - click on the individual city guides below and let us tell you about so many more!

Additional Resources & Information On Hookup Bars, Hookup Clubs, & Hookup Spots


As you can probably tell, at HookUpAds.com we really love sex clubs and swinger culture - and it's something we think the whole world should get in on! But we don't want everybody to jump into the pool without learning how to swim first. That could only lead to disaster! So not only have we written our own individual city-based guides to sex clubs across the US, the UK and Canada, we want to provide you with supplementary information on swinger culture from some of the most trusted sources online!

Going to a sex club can be a real eye opening experience, and it can come as a shock to anyone who doesn't know how to prepare themselves; if you haven't been to a sex club before, we recommend you read this amazing article from The Rooster on 6 Life-Shattering Lessons You Learn The First Time At A Sex Club.

And then there are times when you wind up at a popular sex club with someone you've never met before (which can be its own kind of fun); for those of you out there that like to meet new people for wild and kinky times we recommend you take a look at this insightful Huffington Post article titled, My Blind Date Took Me To A Sex Club. Here's What Happened.

The sex club life isn't just about becoming a member; often times people neglect to think about those on the front lines who are helping us through our erotic journey of self-discovery. To get some insight on what sex clubs are like from the other side, take a look at this Vice article called What I Learned While Working as a Sex Club Tour Guide

Here's a situation that some of you might be able to relate with: you absolutely love visiting swingers clubs, but your partner isn't too keen on them. A difference of opinions like that can have a real affect on a relationship, which makes this insightful article from The Stranger entitled My Partner Likes Sex Clubs and I Think They're Dirty all the more important.

And lastly, but perhaps the most important thing to learn about attending sex clubs in your area, is how to behave when you're visiting a swingers club. Is it okay to stare? Do you have to participate? How to you initiate activity? All of these questions can be answered and more when you look at the Pop Sugar article called Sex Club Etiquette 101

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