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There are thousands of forums on the internet, all related to different topics. And while some of the topics include sex and hook-ups, many of the sex forums and hookup forums people flock to aren't any good. If you've been to any of these forums, you can personally attest to their crappiness, their lack of action and their blatant emptiness. Most promise hook-ups but have only bots chatting up users, or a few users cat-fishing other users. You mustn't lose hope. The internet still has very good hookup forums and sex forums, and we at hookupads.com took it upon ourselves to find the best of the best for you. We're talking forums where hook-ups actually happen, and forums that have actual users, not bots. We compiled a list of the very best that you can use. Scroll further below to discover this list and also get acquainted with the world of hookup forums better.

Some terms associated with hookup forums that you need to know



The categories of a forum are essentially a breakdown of what the forum is all about. They are like smaller sub-sections of the forum, in which different individual aspects of the forum are independently covered. For example, if it's an LGBTQ Hookup Forum, its categories can be anything from Lesbian Hookup to Transgender Hookup. The forum's users can then know which category to open because inside the category are the subforums, where all the action happens.


Sub forums are just mini breakdowns of the categories above. They are more specific toward particular topics related to the category. For example, the Transgender Category might have sub forums that cover each of the variations of the trans lifestyle, such as 'TransLadyBoy' or 'TransGirl' and more. The average category might have between 1 and 4 sub forums. Users are required to click on these sub forums in order to enter and be able to create posts or view existing threads.


Threads are essentially the topics that have been posted onto the platform and discussed by the forum's users. A thread is formed when many users respond to a post, and as such, goes on expanding further and further. A thread can be seen by its visible title, its description and the resulting discussion related to it. It can be titled anything from 'How to Tell My Parents I am Transitioning' To 'Is There Anyone Nearby To Hook Up?". Any registered user can comment to contribute to a thread. Any kind of reply can be used in a thread, such as images, videos or even links to other websites.


Any kind of contribution to a forum is considered a post, whether it's a message responding to an existing post or a new topic. When created as a new topic, a post is referred to as the Original Post. When users respond to it, it becomes a thread. Posts can be of any nature, from videos to sentences to photos to web links.

The Different Kinds of Users of An Online Forum

Every forum categorizes its users into user groups, such that there is a certain hierarchy to be followed. Most forums mark each user with a certain icon that other users can see whenever he or she makes a post or comments on another.



You're a visitor or guest the moment you land on a forum page. Guests or visitors are users of a forum that haven't yet signed up to be members. They can only browse through the forum, seeing its posts and reading through its threads, but cannot post anything or send any messages, even when a topic is too fun to miss.

Registered Member:

A registered member is one that has answered the forum's call to sign up for membership. Once one signs up, they can access every aspect of the site, such as posting new topics, contributing to forums, voting on polls and more.


Every forum uses moderators; they are the chief whips of the forum. They are users at an advanced level; the ones that can edit post titles, edit threads, and keep threads on-topic as users respond. Most importantly, they keep out bullies and trolls and all the bad actors that forums tend to attract.


The administrators might as well be the owners of the forum. They handle all the technical details of the forum, and can promote individuals from mere members to moderator level. They also create the rules of the forum, make announcements, sign off on major decisions and more.

The Benefits of Using A Hookup Forum

There are countless benefits to using and joining a sex forum or hookup forum. When starting out, it's hard to see the benefits because using forums seems like such a thankless task – a hobby, to be exact. But there are quite a few benefits that you will experience the moment you sign up.

You Get Answers To Your Problems

Forums were designed for users to discuss certain topics in an environment that they feel is safe and free of judgment. That's why a good number of forums are always filled with questions from users facing particular issues in their lives and seeking answers. As a member of a platform, you can take advantage of this opportunity and the privacy that comes with it to ask your own questions and seek answers from the community. Why Pay A Therapist When you can use a forum?

You Get Advice Without Judgment

If you have any issue you're confused about, or a situation you'd want to make a decision on but can't decide, the forums are the perfect platform to get advice on what to do. For starters, forums are filled with individuals that have usually experienced a similar problem, so their advice will be actionable. Also, because forum members are always joint fans of a similar activity or project, there is more understanding and less judgment coming for you. All you'll receive is the advice you need.

You Help Others With Their Problems

Living on forums is a two-way street: you get answers to your own problems and then contribute answers to other peoples' problems in a similar fashion. People come to forums to seek help on problems they probably can't ask anyone else, so it's imperative that you contribute what you know.

You Get Informed

Sometimes, all a forum does to a user is teach them new things all day long. In sex and hookup forums for example, curious individuals get better views of their sexual orientations through forum discussions. It's also the same way people learn about new sex styles, new hookup tricks, and more. It may not always be about sex, but there is always something new to learn when many people come together to chat.

You Meet New People (And Could Get Laid In The End)

Forums aren't exactly Facebook-style social networks, but they are wonderful ways to meet new people, even though it's usually virtually. It's easy to meet someone on a forum even if you're a loner in real life, because forums tend to bring together people that share similar tastes. By joining threads and contributing to discussions, you forge camaraderie with other users and create a new clique of your own. With sex forums, that's where hook-ups come in. All you need is to start with a simple hello.

You're Entertained

As many sex and hookup forums aren't shy about publishing porn on their forums, there is never a moment of lack for porn lovers. There is always a new upload, and always in the designated genre of the forum, be it extreme fetish porn or BDSM. In other words, forums promise total satisfaction. And that's not all. Forums tend to have fun sections where everything and anything can be posted. Reading through such a forum can make your day because of all the crude humor.

How to stay SAFE on a sex or hookup forum


Like many other virtual platforms, sex forums and hookup forums are wonderful, but they can are plagued by bad actors intent on causing harm or damage of some sort. It's important to watch out as you use the forum, especially sex forums, because you can get hurt, both physically and emotionally. Here's a few tips on how to stay safe on a sex forum or hookup forum:

Don't publish your actual personal details on the site

This includes your phone number, your face photos, your home address, your work place and more. Don't do share them in a public post even if it feels like you know everyone on the platform inside out and can trust them. Someone can use your details to steal your identity or troll you online.

Don't give your personal details to a stranger on the platform

This is a common problem, of new users trusting sweet-talking fellow users too quickly. This usually ends up with private messages, in which you might be tempted to share your personal details with someone you think is the real deal. If you feel a bit uncertain, ask them to take your conversation to another platform you trust and then analyze their profile to see if it's real.

When hooking up, ask to meet in a public place first.

Hooking up is a major stuff on any hookup forum or sex forum, but it can get pretty dangerous. When agreeing to a hookup, make sure you agree to meet in a public place first so that you can see if the user shares the same appearance as the fellow on the forum. That public place might be a restaurant or a park. Just don't meet someone for the first time in a closed room somewhere off the grid on your own. I can get dangerous pretty fast.

Watch out for catfishing

Not every forum user is good and pure, not even that guy/girl that seems to understand you so well. Cat fishing is real, even on hookup forums, so don't be fooled so quickly. Stay sharp.

Report any bad behavior from another user to the moderator

There are always bad people on any forum, which is why moderators are always available. Anyone that posts increasingly rude comments triggers fights or posts insensitive content needs to be booted. Report them to the moderator to have their accounts frozen and banned.

Skip any forums who's links aren't marked 'secure' by your browser

If your browser marks your browser as not secure, don't stay too long. Unsecure platforms are always at high risk of being hacked by trolls, hackers and other bad actors, which never ends well. If you can get a better alternative to the current forum, run and don't look back. Any proper forum would make sure it's secure.

Watch out for scams

If your forum is asking for cash to pay for services yet it said it was free all-through, look out. Some forums are legit in their pursuit of free services, especially those that have daily uploads of adult content. But others have constant scams, requesting for money or credit card details. Watch out for any such scams and run off!

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