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No matter what kind of sext toys you're looking for, LoveHoney.com is a great place to start. It's a bright, fun and full of all sorts of sexy clothing and arousing devices you can use to spice up your bedroom adventures. They have plenty of fetish gear if you're into the kinkier side of things, even practical items like condoms and lube are available at great prices.

LoveHoney.com Is A Sweet Site For All Your Sex Toy Needs

  • get 25% off your purchase if you join the mailing list
  • just creating an account gets you $5 off your purchase
  • they always have 'deals of the day'


ShopinPrivate.com takes a humorous view of shopping for things you might be a bit embarrassed about. And while we're a time where it's more okay than ever to be proud of your kinks, they still have a great selection of vibrators, dildos, flashlights, and all sorts of pleasure-seeking devices. If you want to get kinkier, they have butt plugs with tails sticking out the other end, and several different fisting devices.

ShopinPrivate.com Is A Fun Site For All Your Sex Toy Needs

  • they also provide unusual health items
  • free gift with any purchase (usually a vibrator)
  • free shipping with a $75 order


ComeAsYouAre.com is the website version of popular brick and mortar sex shop that is run as a workers co-operative. This means that profit is not the motive, and that you can find very high quality sex toys at amazing prices. From vibrators to cannabis oil lube, there's definitely something here that will tickle your fancy, and they have many great articles for you to learn about sex toys in general.

ComeAsYouAre.com Is A Great Site For All Your Sex Toy Needs

  • free shipping on orders over $55 ($155 to the US)
  • sign up for their mailing list to get special offers
  • easy to set up a personal on-site wishlist


While Tenga.com is best known for their pocket-sized vagina sleeves for male masturbation, they have a wide assortment of other toys for women, and for couples. The woman's vibrators are quite unique, with an egg rather than a phallic shape. Most of the products are made in-house, so you can be certain you're getting high quality merchandise.

Tenga.com Is An Amazing Site For All Your Sex Toy Needs

  • refer a friend and you can get a 5GBP coupon for the store
  • subscribe to their newsletter to get news and deals
  • free domestic shipping on orders over 10GBP


BestVibes.ca is a giant online sex toy warehouse that brings together the best merchandise from some of the adult brands out there (Tenga, Lelo, We-Vibe) at excellent prices. Whether you want a simple vibrator or fleshlight, something kinkier like nipple clamps or bondage swing, or something bizarre like a making a model of your own (or your lover's) penis, this site has you covered.

BestVibes.ca Is A Sexy Site For All Your Sex Toy Needs

  • free domestic shipping on orders over $39
  • has an eco-friendly approach to their products
  • easy to search for the top 100 toys on the site


Whether it simply a nice pair of lingerie, or an extreme pair of handcuffs, BangGood.com has all your sex toy bases covered. It's extremely easy to search for products based on brand, price, or simply what turns you on. Even their selection of essential accessories like condoms and lube are extensive.

BangGood.com Is A Top Site For All Your Sex Toy Needs

  • free shopping on orders over $59
  • get up to 20% off your order if you sign up for their mailing list
  • Extensive selection


PeepShowToys.com has a mouthwatering menu of different sex toys for him, her and everyone who can fit on your bed. Their toys range from simple vibrators to elaborate sex harnesses, and if you like it kinky, they have all the mouth-gags and leather wear you could ever need. Their 'toy bundles' are like gift baskets for dirty people, and you save a lot of money by not buying the products separately.

PeepShowToys.com Is A Go-To Site For All Your Sex Toy Needs

  • all products are 100% body safe
  • join their mailing list to save 10% on your first order
  • they have a 'buy more, save more' rewards program


ShiriZinn.com's take on sex toys is wholly unique and exciting. All their in-house designs have an artistic flair to them that you would expect in a nineteen fifties idealized house. They have vibrators that look like ice cream cones and cupcakes, and for pure indulgence there's the pretty pink vibrators with twelve crystal built into the handle. Even the strap on dildos has nine karat gold leafs designs importuned on them.

ShiriZinn.com Is A Cool Site For All Your Sex Toy Needs

  • huge amount of articles and news-stories on the artist
  • you can shop for expensive limited editions items
  • handcrafted pieces mean no two items are identical


AnnSummers.com is a UK-based sex store, but they ship their products worldwide, and with an inventory so deep, you'll always have a reason to come here. No matter what kind of sex toy you're in the mood for (rampant rabbits, jiggle eggs, penis pump, butt plugs), you'll find it here. They also provide ultra-erotic club and lingerie wear, and plenty of bondage gear if you want to start spanking.

AnnSummers.com Is A Great Site For All Your Sex Toy Needs

  • you can save up to 15% on certain items at checkout
  • student discount for customer aged 18-21
  • they have an extensive help and advice guide


NiceNNaughty.co.uk knows that it's important to have both those things when it comes to having fun in the bedroom (or anywhere else). There sex toys selection is in the hundreds, and whether you're man or woman or a couple, you can definitely find the right dildo, prostate massager, or nipple rings. They also have a great selection of sexy clothing and accessories, so you'll be ready for everything.

NiceNNaughty.co.uk Is A Nice Site For All Your Sex Toy Needs

  • subscribe to their newsletter to learn all about the latest deals
  • their blog has a lot of great sex advice and tips
  • it's easy to search by brand, best-selling products, and sale items

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