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Top 10 Sex And Relationship Forum Sites is easily the internet's No.1 hookup forum site. It's open to adults of any sexuality and sexual preference and covers all manner of topics ranging from sexting to hookup tips. Is The Best For Quick, Safe Hookups

  • Open to sexuality
  • Super active audience that's always online in big numbers
  • Registration required before you can post-No limitations on topics that can be discussed
  • Clean attractive layout and theme
  • No judgment or embarrassment about hookups on the site is what one would recommend when they were asked for an adult hookup forum that is well designed, safe and free of judgment. It was designed as a platform where singles can meet and chat about anything and hookup easily by sharing information. Makes Hooking Up A Breeze

  • Clean, well designed theme
  • Membership required accessing all site features
  • Hookup personal requests allowed
  • Wide user base made up of thousands of singles and married hookup lovers
  • Clean, easy navigation all over the site is one of those adult hookup forums that get to the point immediately. It's a hookup site that allows members to create ads for hookup requests easily and freely and without restrictions or limitations. Gets You A Hookup With Your Dream Bae A Breeze

  • Not specific to individuals of any particular sexual preferences or fetishes
  • Sex By Location feature available
  • Modern, sleek forum theme and color palette
  • Posts are discreet while still offering enough info for a good hookup
  • Potential hookup mates can reach out to each other easily on the platform
  • Is straightforward about its purpose; no unnecessary threads about unrelated topics is for the average adult, regardless of sexual preference, gender or race that's looking for a good NSA hookup with a like-minded individual from time to time, sans the stress. Makes Hookups More Sexy, Thrilling and Fun

  • Is an adult personals website
  • Requires membership before posting
  • Seeing messages within forums doesn't require membership
  • Is completely free
  • Open to all sexual identities
  • Has thousands of registered and active members
  • Good for random hookups
  • Allows requests for any kind of encounter, including cam sex, physical meetups, sexting and more's slogan is 'Meeting People Is Easy', which is the perfect way to explain the forum's purpose. is designed for stress-avoiding adults looking to get laid, and works to make that simple by connecting said adults to other individuals looking for the same thing.

Xpress.comHookups Happen In Seconds By Joining This Hookup Forum!

  • Warm, involving sense of community
  • Forum has over 1000 active members
  • Different relationship and advice forum topics available, including Ask a Dude, Ask A Chic, Dating Over 30, Break Up Advice, and more
  • Requires membership of users, but guests allowed limited access
  • Uses personals to advertise hookup requests
  • Fully free might just be the internet's hottest platform for flirts looking to hookup and have wild fun. The site is designed for people to get hookups easy by allowing to announce their needs in forum posts.

With, Hookups Are Safe and Thrilling

  • Individuals posts are used to announce a user's hookup requests
  • Forum posts are available as discussion rooms on various topics
  • Moderators always available to keep conversations in check
  • Forum is open to all sexual identities and fetishes
  • Each member is assigned a page after signing up so they can easily be contacted
  • Requires full membership to enjoy all its features. is another popular internet hookup forum for adults looking to meet new individuals for a hookup or more. It's also known for its invigorating forum topics and its active, dedicated audience since 1997. Get Steamier With Hookup Forum!

  • Vintage 90s theme design
  • Hookup personals allowed by creating new posts
  • Different forums of conversation available on topics such as relationships, sex and heartbreak
  • Moderators assigned to every forum topic
  • Membership not greatly required by preferred
  • Hookups happen in minutes because of the huge user base
  • Forum web pages load pretty quickly too is, from the get-go, a forum website for men looking to talk and commune about women, sex, and other sex-related topics, such as sex styles, masturbation, how to please women, maneuver hookups and more. Is The Ultimate Go To Resource for the Sexual Adult Man On The Internet

  • Has slightly vintage design
  • Is well maintained and adequately moderated
  • Features over 20 forums topics covering sex styles, picking up women, sex advice, hookup advice and more
  • Is completely free
  • Membership option offered and required for access to full site permissions
  • Has an active community of thousands of members-Doesn't allow hookup request topics though is an adult hookup forum that's safe for getting hookups and doesn't shy away from it. With over 7000 posts already published on its timeline, half of which have been personals, it's easy to see why new users flock to it every day. Quenches Your Sex Thirst In A Flash!

  • Real users; hundreds of thousands registered as full members on the platform
  • Has a dedicated 'Hookup Chat' for creating individual posts that serve as adult personals
  • Modern clean forum design
  • No restrictions on age, gender or sexual preference
  • No restrictions on language used in forum posts is one of the more mature and international adult forums on the internet, covering a huge number of love-related interpersonal discussion topics including sex, hookups, marriage, parenting and more. Is The Ideal Adult Sex Forum For Adults

  • Lots of forum sections on topics ranging from sex to parenting
  • A very active community featuring hundreds of thousands of global members
  • Some forums don't require registration before posting; others do, such as those on Gender
  • Free completely for use
  • Slightly vintage theme design
  • Discreet enough to post feelings on

The Best General Hookup Forums Online -

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The Best General Hookup Forums Online -