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Top 10 LGBTQ Sex And Relationship Forum Sites is, like the name suggests, a platform for queer people to meet and chat. It has been active for a while now and in that time, has amassed a loyal audience and improved greatly. is For Queer People Everywhere

  • Has a modern, clean design
  • Is open to any queer person-Has a series of subforums for every aspect of the LGBTQ culture
  • Is safe; has moderators in every sub forum to keep out trolls
  • Has a very welcoming community of users
  • Does not directly have space for personals but allows users to chat between themselves. is one of the internet's most niche and most popular LGBTQ-centric websites, and that extends to its forums and the community that resides there. It's also a great place to start if you're looking for an LGBTQ hookup. Is Full Of Sexy Queer People

  • Has a very supportive community of users
  • Has superb technical support
  • Has a modern design that makes for easy navigation
  • Also has other forums on its board about the LGBTQ lifestyle
  • Allows users to share contact information with each other
  • Allows private chatting between users
  • Allows posting of personals in specific forums is a series of sub forums located together, all on the uniting topic of the LGBTQ culture. The forum was designed as a platform for queer people to meet without judgment and talk, solve each other's problems and more. Today, its boards are some of the most popular on the internet, not just for chatting but also for hookups. Is Where Queer Love Lives

  • Is beautifully designed, features sub forums separated distinctly and a color palette that's inviting
  • Is built for and welcomes all members of the LGBTQ community only and features different sections for each is unlike most forums, quite diverse in its offerings and its audience. It's a popular forum that's also known for its great hookup opportunities. Makes LGBT Hookups A Possibility

  • Is open to anyone to sign up-Is free for use
  • Has a very active community of users
  • Has a set of rules and regulations for use of the platform
  • All new users are required to sign up before using the site
  • Has no flat rules against hooking up on the platform; in fact it allows users to chat privately and plan hookups where possible
  • Has impressive website support in case of technical trouble is an adult hookup forum on the internet that's grown popular in recent years not just for its safe, welcoming atmosphere but also for its large audience of sexy users and its lax rules on hookups between users. Is Where LGBT Hookups Happen

  • Allows users to post personals onto the platform
  • Allows users to chat in private
  • Is very active against bullying and trolling in its forums
  • Has good, fast technical support
  • Has a largely UK audience but features users from all over the world is a Nigerian adult forum that's quickly grown into a major online commune for lesbians in Nigeria. In addition to being a forum where everything is discussed, it is also a perfect spot for hookups. Gets You The Hookup Of Your Dreams

  • Is free to use
  • Requires users to sign up for membership, although guests are allowed to browse
  • Is discreet in nature; does not request for full private information from its users
  • Has different sub forums that discuss different issues regarding the lesbian lifestyle
  • Allows users to chat privately
  • Allows users to share address information and related stuff with each other is a unique platform designed to help people meet, chat and possibly hookup or go on dates. It's popular because of its acceptance of everyone onto its platform, including queer people, and allowing them the same access. Is Full Of Sexy Hookup Options

  • Is free for everyone to use
  • Allows anyone to use its forums regardless of sexuality, age or location in the world
  • Is sure of its mission to help people meet and hookup
  • Allows a wide range of requests to be published in personals, as long as they follow guidelines. is for gay men everywhere looking to commune with other gay men online, and has been popular ever since its inception. With its active community of attractive singles that are always looking to hookup, it's no surprise this platform is a hookup favorite. Is Free and Full of Dream Hookup Partners!

  • Is for gay men only-Is very active, thanks to a global community
  • Is open about men posting personals seeking other men
  • Allows users to chat with each other privately
  • Allows users to use their own images in their profiles
  • Allows the sharing of adult content in forums as long as it's not abusive not only has the unique distinction of having Ellen DeGeneres as major inspiration, but is also one of the best lesbian forums out on the internet today. And of course, in between the various forum discussions, there's always the chance for a hookup. Is Full of Sexy Lesbians Waiting For You!

  • Is expertly designed, with menus for easy navigation and various other tools
  • Requires that all users sign up before they can access the full site
  • Is free for anyone to use the site
  • Has no restrictions on sex and gender before signing up, but mostly works best for lesbians and curious women is easily the internet's top most transgender forum, where trans people of all preferences and denominations are welcome to share their stories, give advice and chat with other users. It is, unlike many other adult forums, dedicated to the transgender experience. Is Where Trans Hookups Are Guaranteed!

  • Has a modern design that's attractive to use
  • Is backed by a very warm, kind, welcoming and supportive community of active, well-meaning existing users
  • Is discreet in nature; allowing users to post personals and hookup on the down low
  • Is active against trolling and bullying, and has moderators in each sub forum

The Best LGBT forums Online -

Tired of seeking LGBT forums and not finding any? Looking for a safe hookup? has the ultimate list of the best LGBTQ hookup forums for everyone.

The Best LGBT forums Online -