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Top 10 Transgender Sex and Hookup Forum Sites is a popular forum for transgender on the internet, and easily one of the most popular in the niche. And while it dedicates its forums to the Trans experience, it deserves more notice for its points as good hookup platform. Helps You Get Laid Immediately

  • Is for trans people through and through
  • Has a truly warm and understanding community that is welcoming
  • Features all kinds of trans people, so everyone is welcome
  • Allows users to post anything related to the trans life, whether it's a personal ad or a request for life advice. is an increasingly popular platform that caters to a wide range of sexual preference, including on its forums. Its bisexual forums are filled with users active and passionate about what they are talking about. Helps You Get Your Dream Hookup

  • Is open and free for all to use-Has no restrictions on users to hookup
  • Allows users to chat privately
  • Is free to use-Requires membership
  • Allows users to share resources on trans living
  • Is well-designed and has amazing technical support in case of trouble
  • Has different sub forums on different topics on trans living
  • Has moderators in every sub forum to keep out bad actors is an adult chat forum on the internet that's dedicated to the LGBT experience and welcomes every queer person wherever they are. Part of its charm is in how easy it is to snag a hookup with any of its users. Is Home to The Internet's Sexiest Queer People

  • Is free to use
  • Is expertly designed, with menus, sub forums and other tools for a complete experience
  • Has a series of sub forums dedicated to the different sections of the LGBTQ lifestyle
  • Has an active audience that's also vocal and passionate. is the UK's no. 1 platform for swingers looking for good fun, and has been at the top of the game ever since its inception. But unlike many swinger websites, this forum also caters to trans individuals and couples, allowing them to enjoy the pleasures of the swinger lifestyle. Makes Trans Swinging Fun Possible

  • Is open to mainly swingers
  • Requires users to publish their profile with a bit of factual private information
  • Is very discreet
  • Is all about helping users meet other users for swinger fun-Does not discriminate against trans people in any way. is, unlike many other forums on the internet, not judgmental about trans people, and so open to them in all their variations. It's also great for hookups, if you feel that way. Is For Trans LadyBoys Everywhere

  • Is open to all trans people, especially trans ladyboys
  • Has no strict rules on hookups; allows users to chat with each other privately
  • Is full of resources on trans living
  • Allows sharing of external links within its forums to helpful content
  • Is backed by a very passionate and helpful community
  • Allows users to share adult photos with each other is part of the already-popular Passion Network, but caters exclusively to transgender folks and their desires. It's particularly good for hookups because of its huge, highly excited user base. Makes Trans Hookups So Much Easier

  • Requires users to sign up for membership, although guests can browse the platform
  • Is dedicated to helping trans people find love and hookups; it has nearly 4 full forums dedicated to various personals
  • Allows its users to chat privately and publicly ask for hookups
  • Is free to use is quite a serious forum discussing serious trans issues, as humorous as its name sounds. Dedicated to and designed for trans people on the internet, the forum is now a powerhouse for discussions on every aspect of trans living. It's also one of the best places for trans people to franchise with each other and hookup. Is For All Trans People In Need Of Hookups

  • Is free for anyone to use
  • Requires users to sign up and become members first
  • Has endless resources on living as a trans individual
  • Allows posting external links on trans survival is, for all trans women on the internet, the ultimate place to be. It's full of resources on trans living, and its forums are always finding answers to common trans problems with color and laughter. What better place to get a hookup than here? Is Where Trans Girl Love is At

  • Does not discriminate in any way against any trans variation
  • Is open to mainly trans people, but other people are allowed
  • Does not explicitly bar users from dating or hooking up
  • Allows users to share contacts and chat with each other directly

The Best Transgender Hookup Forums Online -

Tired of feeling left on hookup forums? has the ultimate list of transgender-centric hookup forums you should check out.

The Best Transgender Hookup Forums Online -