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SpaceFucker.com is, despite the confusing title, one of the more active sex and hookup platforms on the internet today. Backed by a strong, mostly American user community and a secure website, this forum is filled with a few discussion rooms and lots of personal ads for people of varying needs.

SpaceFucker.com Guarantees Your Dream Hookup

  • Simple forum design; blog style layout is easy to navigate
  • Forum boards are made of up mostly personals and a few discussion rooms
  • Membership registration required
  • All topics allowed for discussion
  • No limitations on sexual gender or preferences of forum members
  • Lots of users seeking hookups every day on the site


SexyAds.com is the quintessential adult forum; the kind filled with discussion rooms on topics like heartbreak and relationships. It also features racier sections on hookups and personals, and on specific hookup requests, such as truckers looking for hookups. Everyone is welcome here; there's something for everyone regardless of sexuality or fetish preference.

SexyAds.comGets You Started On Your Next Hookup

  • Vintage site design
  • Personals allowed in most forum discussion rooms
  • Various topics discussed all over the forum, including hookup advice
  • Settings allow viewing other users' account profiles and chatting with them directly
  • Site isn't too complicated to navigate


City-Data.com is, with over 1 million members, one of the most visited adult forums on the internet. Its forum board features topics on love, divorce, sex and every other adult-love-relationship issue one can imagine

City-Data.com Solves Your Hookup Problems

  • Membership required; some forums are closed off to unregistered users
  • Is completely free to use
  • Has limitations on the nature of content that can be uploaded
  • Features forum discussions on various adult topics, including hookups
  • Very active community of users-Forum board uses blog list-style layout
  • New topics are listed in order of posting, and after being categorized
  • Moderators available in each forum


TooTimid.com is the place for any adult that's ever felt timid about sexual issues, including hookups. On this site, every topic is worth discussing, and there's always someone with a solution or hookup needs that match yours.

TooTimid.com Gets You Ready For Your Hookup

  • Wonderful site design; easy to navigate, no dead links
  • Super active community of users
  • No judgment; everyone's on the same page
  • Community is made up of mostly older adults and some younger singles
  • Forum topics include anything from 'How to ride better' to discussions on 'fetish and bondage'
  • Membership required but not a must


Fetish-Planet.org is where anyone in search of extreme fetishes goes to be satiated, and to meet people of a similar desire and hookup. The forum is sectioned into forums on different fetishes, such as Girls Peeing, Pregnant Women Fucking and more. The forum is basically a porn website that allows discussion of porn by interested parties.

Fetish-Planet.org Helps You Get Off and Get Laid

  • Membership required-Uploads of porn videos and photos is regular
  • All forums are filled with new photo and video uploads every day
  • Active, passionate members from all over the globe
  • Easy site to navigate and find hookups


ILoveInterracial.com is one of the internet's best and most popular interracial adult hookup forums. Not once beating around the topics, the forum has sections where people of different races can ask for one another and find themselves for immediate pleasure.

ILoveInterracial.com Is Where Interracial Hookups Happen Every day

  • Modern forum design; erotic dark color palette; simple design that's easy to navigate
  • Is straightforward in nature; features very few forum sections and three of them are dedicated to either men, women or couples looking for hookup partners
  • Membership required to use the use; guests have limited access
  • Very active usership
  • Allows sharing adult images with other users


FemaleFirst.co.uk is a unique forum that is designed to put women, their thoughts and queries front and center. It's designed like any other forum, except that women's topics are mostly discussed.

FemaleFirst.co.uk Gets You Laid Tips For Your Next Hookup!

  • Is completely free to use
  • Full of supportive, helpful women ready to help
  • Membership required
  • Has a fantastic Stupid Zone forum section where any kind of topic can be started
  • Agony Aunt section available
  • Personals allowed in the Chat forum section-Men allowed on the platform too
  • Membership required; guests can access the site without signing up first


LuckyMojo.com is one of the more unique adult sex and hookup forums on the internet today; it manages to merge hookups with magic and get away with it. The platform was designed to help people of any sex get magic potions and spells for any adult issue, be it wild sex, easy hookups, averting divorce and more.

LuckyMojo.com Triples Your Chances of A Successful Hookup

  • Is wonderfully designed; nice font, great color palette
  • Each new topic by a new user is listed in the form a new entry
  • Any portion can be requested for
  • Supportive, super helpful community that's always suggesting solutions for fellow users
  • Has rules in place to guide forum users


ExposedForums.com is the hookup forum to visit when looking to both vent about sexual issues and hookup with someone new for quick sex. There's the usual forum discussions all over the site, and littered within them are personals, some discreet some not, of people seeking others for fun.

ExposedForums.com Is The Ultimate Hookup Forum!

  • Huge user base, full of hot women and sexy men, MILFs, DILFs and more
  • Open to anyone regardless of gender or sexual preference
  • Requires membership and signing up to access the whole site
  • Accepts personals to be published on the site
  • Has no limitations on adult content being shared, such as nude photos and adult videos


GirlsChase.com is, in the most literal way, for men seeking to learn about women. It was designed as a forum where men could learn all they could and share their queries on picking up women, hookups and other related discussions.

GirlsChase.com Is For Every Man Looking to Ace Their Next Hookup

  • Unique, attractive theme design and layout
  • Very active user base-Straightforward site that doesn't shy away from its topics
  • Targeted at straight men, but has no limits on who can sign up
  • Membership required at some point of use

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