Hookup Spots In The Great White North: The Best Canada Hookup Bars & Canada Hookup Clubs!


Believe it or not, Canada has always had a strong hookup culture - in fact, it's baked right into the country's history. When the colonies were first landing and cultivating the Americas (i.e. when the first British settlers landed in Canada), it quickly became known within the ruling class in England that the men who were settling the nation were becoming unhappy. Why were they so unhappy? Because they couldn't find any hookups of course! In order to fix this problem, the king of England actually started recruiting English women to volunteer and come to Canada in order to find Canadian husband. Which means, if it wasn't for hookup culture, the country wouldn't even really exist!

And that's kind of our mission statement as well. At HookUpAds.com, we're all about providing members of our community with the education they need in order to make the most out of their hookup experiences. Whether it be knowing how to break the ice when you're approaching a hot girl or sexy guy in a Canada Hookup Bar, or just figuring out the names of the best local Sex Clubs to visit, we've made it our mission to give you the knowledge you need. We guarantee after you take a look over our local hookup guides, you'll be more prepared than ever to find the sex you've always wanted!.

Canada Is A Whole Lot Sexier Than You Know

It's a shame that most people across the world don't recognize Canada for being the global sex icon that it really is - how else can you account for it producing such hotties as Pamela Anderson and Ryan Gosling?


Boating Is Sexy In Canada


Maybe it's still in their blood from way back in the days of the Coureur De Bois, but over 10% of all Canadians polled in a recent survey have admitted to having sex in a canoe. That sounds like one situation where rocking the boat is actually welcome.

It's Legal To Go Down Up North

Believe it or not, Oral sex used to be considered under the Canadian law! It wasn't until Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau enacted great reforms to the Canadian Criminal Code (which also decriminalized homosexuality, as well as legalized abortion and contraception) that oral sex was made legal. And, appropriately enough, all of this reformed happened in 1969!

Canadian Women Can (Almost) Bare All!

Although private establishments in Canada have their own rules, since 1991 it has been ruled completely legal for Canadian women to go topless in public - citing that going topless is not inherently a sexual act. Not only does this seem like a really great law for Canadian women, we also think it sounds like a great piece of legislation for Canadian men too!

Canadians Like To Take Their Time

A recent study just revealed that when it comes to sex, the people of the great white North really like to play it slow. 33% of all Canadians reported that the normal sexual encounter should be between 20 and 30 minutes - well above the global average. And that's not all; they also reported an average of 37 minutes of foreplay with every session!

Canadian Men Keep Their Options Open When It Comes To Sex

On a global survey it was found that Canadian men have an average of 23 partners in their lifetime, which ranks higher than Spain (21), Italy (19), France (17), and the United States (13). Not to be outdone, Canadian women report they have 10 sexual partners over their lifetime - which is also more than their counterparts in Spain, Italy, France, and the United States.

Discover Why People Can't Get Enough Of Canada Hookup Bars!

Canada is known as being kind of the strong and silent type as far as hookup bars and playful sex clubs go - and it definitely uses it to it's advantage. Throughout all of their polite nature, hockey, curling, and Tim Horton's coffee, Canadians definitely know how to party when the work day is over. When someone in Canada decides to open a bar, they know exactly what's going to make it a drinking hole everyone wants to go to: good drinks, great food, and hot company. When you have a look through our city directory you'll be able to read about some of the best Canadian hookup bars in each of it's major cities, but for now here are a couple examples of what makes Canada such a great country to barhop across!

Bar Raval - Toronto, Ontario

Not only is Bar Raval one of the best bars in Toronto, it's also been recognized as one of the best bars in the entire country! We're not kidding either; it's routinely listed in the top 10 of the best bars in the country - even scoring the number one spot for two years! What makes this place one of the top Canada hookup bars is the fact it's an architectural marvel in itself. When you enter the building, you're quickly overcome by the stylish design that's reminiscent of celebrated Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi (which is a great little icebreaker if you're meeting someone there for the first time!). Not only are the drinks fantastic, but the tapas menu is top-notch and some of the best food in the city. So if you find yourself in Toronto anytime soon, don't be afraid to head to 505 College Street and check out Bar Raval for yourself!

Soif Bar à Vin – Gatineau, Quebec

Rather than getting risking the excess of your typical Canadian hookup bars, the people of St. Gatineau, Quebec have Soif Bar à Vin (Soif Wine Bar) - a calm and wonderful escape from the everyday where they can meet each other! Located at 88 Rue Montcalm, when you visit Soif you'll find that it's an excellent venue for sampling some of the best wine and food in Quebec. As well, if you're meeting someone there for the first time you'll be able to take part in activities and workshops where you'll easily and effortlessly get to know each other better. A definite go-to if you're passing though Canada's French-speaking province!

The Woodcutter's Blanket - Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

It may seem like quite the trip to take in order find a fun hookup bar, but believe us - even if you wind up spending the night with just your friends and some cold drinks, The Woodcutter's Blanket is a bar worth travelling hundreds of miles to visit. Everything about this bar is a fun and unique experience that follows through with every idea you have of what the Klondike life might be like. Situated in a log cabin built in 1938 and decorated with life-sized moose above the entry doors, the rustic Woodcutter's Blanket inherently makes you want to snuggle up close next to whoever you might find yourself sitting beside! For a one-of-a-kind bar experience, make you're way to 112 Strickland Street next time you're in Whitehorse.

The Shameful Tiki Room - Vancouver, British Columbia & Toronto, Ontario

In the mood for an adventurous night? Whether you're on the East or West side of Canada (The Shameful Tiki Room has locations in both Toronto and Vancouver), you'll be able to sample their generous and delicious alcoholic mixtures with your friends and have a night you'll never forget. And we mean it when we say you'll need to sample their drinks with friends; while each drink is a little costly, the cocktails at The Shameful Tiki Room generally serve two to four people! And why do people say The Shameful Tiki Room is one of the best Canada hookup bars? Because with drinks like that you know everyone there is looking to party! The Shameful Tiki can be found at 378 Queen St. West in Toronto and

4362 Main Street in Vancouver.

Find Yourself Someone Sexy At Canadian Hookup Clubs Near You!

For those of you who would rather meet someone new on a dance floor than in a bar, the nightclub scene in Canada is also one of the best ways to meet someone new for a frisky and fun time when the sun goes down! While there are hundreds of great Canada hookup clubs to be found across the country (which you can read more about below!), we've singled out a few below that have been known to result in the kind of hot action that we at HookUpAds.com know you are looking for!

Coda Nightclub - Toronto, Ontario

Once known as Footwork Nightclub years ago in Toronto, The Coda is one of the hottest clubs to dance, drink, and hookup in the city. Located in the trendy Annex area of Toronto, Coda can be found in a 2nd-floor venue at the corner of Bloor Street and Bathurst Street (794 Bathurst Street to be exact); known for it's high-energy techno and EDM nights, visitors to Coda can always expect there to be a fun-loving crowd and can't wait to get a few drinks in their hands and their bodies moving against each other on the dance floor. Already well-known to the Toronto crowd, it's a must for anyone new to the city.

Studio Nightclub and Lounge - Vancouver, British Columbia

Are your nightclub moves too large to be contained? Do you need space to let yourself go wild on the weekends? If that's the case, then Studio Nightclub (919 Granville Street) is the Canada hookup club you've always been looking for! This giant converted warehouse space regularly fits over 1200 people for pulse-pounding techno beats that always bring people closer together. You can always expect to find something going on at Studio Nightclub and Lounge, because it's also a performance and arts space as well. With all of that in mind, if you're someone who likes to spend a night on the town looking for sex, clubs likes Circus AfterHours are definitely the type of places you'll want to check out.

Circus AfterHours - Montreal, Quebec

For a party every weekend with hot guys and gorgeous girls in Montreal, you're going to want to head to 917 Rue Sainte-Catherine East and pop into Circus AfterHours. Open from 2am till 8am (except on Friday and Saturday when it's open until 11am), this all-night dance party is starts when everyone else is closing down and doesn't stop until well after the sun comes up in the morning. As a fair warning to anyone interested in visiting Circus AfterHours, you'll be expected to pay a higher cover charge than most other venues in the city; but even with that, we think it's definitely one of the best Canada hookup clubs to check out in Montreal!

Maxx Fish - Whistler, British Columbia

When you're trying to find someone to hookup with of the opposite (or same) sex, Clubs like Maxx Fish in Whistler are the stuff dreams are made of. Located in the skiing capital of Canada, the type of person you'll find at Maxx Fish are guys and girls looking to have a sexy and fun time. With their blood already pumping from a long day of hitting the slopes, people come to Maxx Fish to drink custom cocktails and dance to in-house DJ's while they chat up new and old friends. If you want to find out what makes this one of the great Canada hookup clubs, head down to Maxx Fish at 4232 Village Stroll in Whistler!

Get Straight To The Point - Find The Hottest Action In Canada Sex Clubs And Hookup Spots!

Don't worry - we get it; even if you know the best Canada hookup bars and clubs in your city, it still takes a little bit of work to bring someone sexy back home to your bed. And after a long and tiring work week, the last thing you want to do is even more work! If you're looking for a sure thing without any of the necessary games involved with visiting bars and clubs, it sounds like what you really want is to visit a great sex club! Luckily for you, we've gone to the major cities across Canada and found the best Sex Clubs, Hookup Bars, and Hookup Clubs in the Country - click on a city below to read more!

Canada Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: Calgary

We don't know whether it's the rugged landscape, the fresh air, or just the amazing people, but it's clear that Calgary is one of the best Hookup spots in Canada! With a vivid nightlife and a personality all it's own, this cowboy town gives bigger cities in Canada a run... [READ MORE]

Canada Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: Edmonton

You might not think that Edmonton would be a good place to find an easy hookup, but you would be surprised. Like other unassuming hookup destinations in Canada (such as Winnipeg for instance), the people of Edmonton know how to have fun when the work day is over. So... [READ MORE]

Canada Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: Halifax

If we were to ask you what the best part of Halifax was, what would you say? The fishing? The music? The local culture and customs? Because if you asked us, we would definitely say the best thing about Nova Scotia's capital city is the sexy Halifax Hookups!. Although... [READ MORE]

Canada Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: Mississauga

A lot of people don't give Mississauga the credit it deserves. Finding itself seamlessly neighboring Toronto (Canada's largest city), most people consider it a suburb rather than it's own booming development. Nothing could be further from the truth. Mississauga is not only a colorful city with a culture all to... [READ MORE]

Canada Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: Montreal

If you've ever been to a Montreal club and wondered, "where are all the hot guys and sexy girls at?", then consider yourself lucky you've found this place. Here at HookupAds, we make it our mission to tell everyone where the best bars and clubs are to find girls and... [READ MORE]

Canada Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: Ottawa

As far as hooking up is concerned, Ottawa is definitely a city in Canada that doesn't get it's due. Perhaps it's because of the fact that it's so close to Montreal (one of the best places for hookups in Canada), or maybe it's the fact that people think Ottawa is... [READ MORE]

Canada Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: Toronto

A lot of websites talk about helping people find hot local hookups - but how many websites really know what they're talking about? At HookUpAds.com, we don't just write about hot Toronto Hookup spots, we also try them out. Toronto is the largest city in Canada, and it's full of people... [READ MORE]

Canada Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: Vancouver

There's no doubt about it, finding sexy hookups on Canada's West Coast is incredibly simple and fun - especially when you compare it to Canada's East Coast cities (although we've made it easier to get sexy hookups in Halifax. Something about the sea air, the lush rain forest (yes, Canada has... [READ MORE]

Canada Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: Winnipeg

Ask anyone about to describe Winnipeg's climate using only one word and chances are they will tell you this: cold. Ask anyone who has used HookUpAds.com to describe Winnipeg's climate using only one word and they'll tell you the opposite: it's hot! What makes Winnipeg so hot? Could it possibly... [READ MORE]

Learn More About Attending Canada Sex Clubs With These Articles!

So now that you've heard about some of the best Canada hookup bars and sex clubs throughout the country, we bet you're pretty eager to start trying one out for yourself, aren't you? However, we don't recommend you jump in the deep end of the pool without seeing if there are any sharks swimming around in the water first; and with that, we've gone online and found some of the most useful information about joining swingers clubs and sex parties in Canada.

First off - it's okay to be nervous if you've never gone to a Canadian Sex Club before. After all, it's not something that most people do every day! With that in mind, don't you want to know what it's like being in a sex club? For instance, how do they differ from any other bar you might go to in Canada (aside from the sex of course...)? If that question has ever crossed your mind, definitely click on The Eye Opener's article titled, My First Sex Club. Are you someone that has trouble getting things in order and needs a checklist of Sex Club manners? Then be sure to visit the Huffington Post article on 12 Things First-Timers Need To Know About Swinger's Clubs. Not only that, but if you're a heading to the very North end of Canada (we're talking Klondike country), take a look at Vice's article called, What Its Like Being In A Sex Club In Canada's North. The worst thing you can be at a sex club is unprepared - so read on below!

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