UK Hookup Spots And Sex Clubs - A Brief History


Probably the earliest proof of hook-up culture in the UK is an ancient Roman brothel token (a coin with an engraving of a man and woman having sex) which was found on the banks of the River Thames - which means there has been a history of hooking up in the UK even before the country of England was officially founded!

As a country, England has had brothels since as early as 1161; although back then then were officially licensed to medieval bishops by the King Henry II (no kidding!) and called "stew houses". They were also regulated to operating outside of the main cities in the country, as they were seen as unclean and unsightly.

As time passed, the traditional brothel began to transform as well - turning from stew houses into brothels. Those brothels eventually morphed into the more 'above board' turn of the century burlesque houses. As culture changed, those burlesque houses became dance halls - and eventually those dance halls became the modern day dance club! And now - thanks to the ever evolving sexual landscape and websites like HookUpAds.com - things are better than ever! Instead of having nothing but Stew Houses run by men of God, we'll show you all of the various UK hookup bars, UK Sex Clubs, and UK Hookup Clubs you can find in the United Kingdom!

What Makes People In The UK So Hungry For Sex Clubs?

Now that we've established that the UK has an ancient history of hookup culture, how do you think the United Kingdom measures up against the rest of the world in terms of sexual behavior? If you think you know everything there is to know about how sexual people are in the UK, we sure we can teach you a few things!


Sexual Behavior In The UK Fits In With The World-Wide Average


It turns out that couples in the UK have sex an average of 2 to 3 times a week - which falls right in line with the global average of sexual activity among couples occurring 2.4 times a week. As well, the average first sexual experience for residents of the United Kingdom happens when they are 16 years old.


They may be made of wood chips and cardboard, but one out of every ten children in the United Kingdom was conceived on an IKEA bed. So not only is IKEA an easy and affordable way to own furniture, they are also contributing to the population growth of the UK.

James Bond Liked To Pleasure Himself?

Well, to be honest we don't know whether 007 liked to touch little bond all that much (he always seemed to have his hands full with the ladies), but we do know that British spies used to use semen as invisible ink when sending secret messages! Not only was this a successful way to communicate, apparently the only reason they stopped was because it was a bit too smelly.

And no, we don't know where the semen came from.

Lubrication Is Very Important For UK Hookups

When UK based online adult entertainment stores were polled, it was discovered that the most commonly purchased item online was lubricants and essentials, which accounted for 22% of all purchases. Following close behind at 18% were vibrators (not to be lumped-in with dildos, which came in at a measly 3%); and surprisingly the third most popular online purchase was lingerie, which made up 12% of all items purchased!

Discover For Yourself Why UK Hookup Bars Are So Incredible

As far as we're concerned, hookups are just as much a part of the UK bar scene as beer and crisps! I mean, why else would you go out with your friends and toss back some suds? If you just wanted the company of your chums, you'd be drinking at home, am I right? And at HookUpAds.com we want you to help you find the hottest guys and girls when you're visiting UK hookup bars by telling you about four incredible watering holes to visit when you're in the United Kingdom.

The Milk Thistle - Bristol, England

You can always count on Bristol to be home to some of the most interesting UK hookup bars, and The Milk Thistle is no exception. The owners refer to the establishment as the flirty younger sister of Bristol's hippest prohibition bar, Hyde & Co - and we can see why. Found in Quay Head House on Colston Avenue, it's decadent design is incredibly inviting to anyone who steps foot in the bar, and that's only the beginning. Believe it or not, The Milk Thistle has four different floors where you can meet devilish men and women who can't wait to get flirty with you, which include a lounge, cocktail bar, private event rooms, and general bar space. But that's not all - the cocktail menu at The Milk Thistle changes every few weeks, so you and your next hookup will never get bored with what they have to offer!

Bramble Bar & Lounge - Edinburgh, Scotland

Probably the most unassuming of all the bars we'll mention in the UK (seriously, you'd walk right past its location at 16A Queen Street if you didn't know any better), the Bramble Bar & Lounge has been recognized time and time again as being one of the coolest bars in all of the UK. Smaller in size (but packing a big punch), the Bramble Bar is actually located underneath a dry-cleaning establishment. It's so out of the way you would never guess it has a custom cocktail and beer menu that has won awards across Scotland. So if you're in need of a cozy, private, trendy bar where you can hookup with other trendy guys and girls while hip hop plays from the stereo, hit up The Bramble Bar & Lounge the next time you find yourself in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Original Sin - Stoke Newington, London, England

129 Stoke Newington High Street is where you'll find Original Sin - regarded as one of the top ten UK hookup bars by countless publications across the London. Visitors to the bar will find a welcoming atmosphere and decor that lends itself to the idea of just sitting and having a drink with friends: a green-topped pool table in the back, dimly-lit chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, and leather banquettes running throughout. A classic London bar in every sense of the word, Original Sin seems like it's from a different age, but doesn't carry any of the pretentious attitude of a place trying to emulate another era; and that's exactly what makes it such a great place to hook up - the kind of people you'll meet at Original Sin are just as authentic as the bar itself. If you're visiting London and want to experience a traditional pub with a contemporary twist, check out Original Sin.

North Bar - Leeds, England

For anyone who is passing through England and looking for either a great craft beer or a hot hookup, we know exactly the place you need to check out - North Bar in Leeds. Although craft beer has always been a staple in Canada and the United States, it took establishments like North Bar (and it's North Brewing Company) to bring it to prominence in the UK. The bar itself (which can be found at 24 New Briggate) is an open-concept, minimalist pub with a wood-slat based interior. It is commonly home to many local and touring DJ's throughout the UK, and you'll regularly hear great hip-hop, funk, and soul hits spilling out onto the streets during the weekend hours. With all of these elements coming together, it's clear why North Bar has been ranked among the hottest UK hookup bars of the last 10 years!

UK Hookup Clubs Are Legendary Places To Meet Fun And Flirt Folks!

The entirety of planet Earth should thank the UK for turning the club scene into what it is today. Without the emergence of UK techno and artists like Fatboy Slim, Goldie, and Tricky, everybody in the United States and Canada would probably wearing polyester suits and dancing to Disco every weekend. But thanks to UK beats, people are able to get hotter, sweatier, and closer than ever before - leading to some of the best UK hookup club situations the world has ever seen. And these are the exact type of people we want you to meet - because the type of person who throws their inhibitions out the window and gets wild on the dance floor are the exact type of people who love going to UK sex clubs! If you've never taken part in the UK club scene before, here are some places where you should start!

The Night Kitchen - Sheffield, England

Any presuppositions you may have that The Night Kitchen is going to be your ordinary, average warehouse-style club is thrown out the window as soon as you approach 7 Smithfield in Sheffield and see the massive line-up curling around the building. Called The Night Kitchen because it was finds its home in a building that used to be an old cutlery factory, this club has a dark and mysterious atmosphere that permeates through the entire club and allows for and absolutely impressive light show whenever the DJ's get the music pumping. Decorated in surreal artwork and wooden sculptures, The Night Kitchen is an incredibly easy place to meet fun and kinky people while you dance the night away and watch the sun come up in the morning.

Printworks - Surrey Quays Rd, Rotherhithe, London, England

Although Printworks (located at Surrey Quays Road in Rotherhithe) is one of the newer UK hookup clubs we're talking about in this list, it definitely deserves to be here. Printworks is a HUGE club - we're talking a maximum capacity of 5000 people; which means not only are chances high that you're going to be able to get on the dance floor and meet someone sexy, it also means that there are going to be plenty of people to choose from as well. DJs are known to come from all over the world to place this amazing club, and don't be surprised if you walk inside one night to find artists such as The Martinez Brothers or Loco Dice filling the building with house and techno tunes!

Sub Club - Glasgow, Scotland

For those of you out there who want to have the best and most authentic Scottish club experience possible, you're going to want to check out one of the country's original techno dance clubs: The Sub Club at 22 Jamaica Street. The Sub Club is came to being when the UK techno/dance scene was just starting to blossom 25 years ago, and this basement venue (complete with low-ceilings) still feels like it was pulled right out of Trainspotting. Even though the Sub Club is 25 years old, it still has a state of the art sound system which keeps the party going. This is a pure dance club in ever sense of the word (and also the perfect place for a UK hookup!), but it's only open from 11pm till 3am - so make your move fast!

Concorde 2 - Brighton, England

At 31 years old, Concorde 2 is the oldest venue in our rundown of amazing UK hookup clubs - but being the most senior establishment mentioned doesn't mean it still doesn't attract a crowd. Known as the birthplace of Fatboy Slim (he used to have a regular DJ night called Fatboy Slim's Big Beat Boutique in the 90s), the Concorde 2 feels like a live music venue made specifically for DJs. Even though it's a large club (500 person maximum capacity), it still has an intimate feel to it - and when you're trying to find sex, clubs with intimate atmospheres always work best. With a great location in central Brighton (286A Madeira Drive), the Concorde 2 is a must-visit UK dance club!

Sex Clubs And UK Hookup Spots That'll Turn You On In All The Right Ways

If all of the UK hookup Bars and Clubs we mentioned have started to get you interested in what there is to offer in terms of hooking up, just wait until you find out about all of the hot and steamy Sex Clubs you can visit in United Kingdom! Almost every city we've visited in the UK has their own kinky subculture full of sex clubs, fetish bars, and swingers clubs. And the best part is, now you don't have to do any digging to find them - we've found them all for you! You don't need to play any games or work on your best lines before visiting these clubs - all you have to do is be ready to have the best sex of your life! From London to Glasgow and every place in between, HookUpAds.com is going to make sure you're hooking up tonight!

UK Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: Belfast

The city area alone has a population of over 300,000 so you're bound to find some action any time of the day, any day of the week in Belfast. There are close to 500,000 more people living in urban Belfast and they usually come to the city in search of...


UK Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: Brighton

There's a chance of meeting people any time when you're in a city as big as Brighton. However, evenings closer to the weekends are when the locals and tourists head over to the many bars and clubs in Brighton. So you will do great if you head out on a... [READ MORE]

UK Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: Cardiff

Cardiff isn't just the capital of Wales and its largest city, it's one of the best cities in the UK for hooking up. It has a vast population that's well beyond 300,000 and if you take into account its urban and metropolitan areas, that's more than a million. The city... [READ MORE]

UK Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: Edinburgh

Most people look forward to the weekends and at the end of their work week, they are ready to let loose and unwind. Edinburgh is also a destination for many people who visit Scotland so bars, clubs, and pubs are also open 7 days a week. Many clubs stay open... [READ MORE]

UK Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: Glasgow

There have always been pubs that have attracted those who enjoy a pint or two. There were also "ladies of the night" who would frequent these spots long before it was acceptable for single women of married women to go out with the girls. Nowadays there are a lot of... [READ MORE]

UK Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: Leicester

Like many of the other cities in the UK, Leicester has been home to many hookup bars and clubs dating back hundreds of years. While many were known as gentlemen's clubs back then, there were always women who were out and about that were looking to hookup. In the... [READ MORE]

UK Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: London

Its history spans back over two thousand years while being considered one of the most powerful cities in the world when it comes to factors including desire, influence, interest, sustainability, innovation, and popularity. It's also a great city to find hookups thanks to its staggering population of over eight million... [READ MORE]

UK Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: Manchester

There's always something happening in Manchester thanks to its large population. The city is usually buzzing with life on most weekdays. However, just like any other city, you're bound to find more action on Friday and Saturday nights with the modern busy lifestyles. Wednesday nights are also great to find... [READ MORE]

UK Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: Newcastle

A lot has happened over the years as social boundaries and norms changed over time. In the 21st century, Newcastle easily has one of England's best hookup scenes. It's ranked in the top ten of England's best cities for nightlife and was only second to London and Berlin among European...


UK Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: Nottingham

The History of hookup clubs, sex clubs, and bars dates back hundreds of years. People were lobbying in the early 1800s to expand sex clubs. Everyone wanted to hook up with someone. That's old news. Back then there were fancy luncheons where men were known to chase ladies of the... [READ MORE]

UK Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: Sheffield

Bars and clubs are open 7 days a week but the busiest and best nights to hook up with someone are Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays! It all depends when you have some spare time. These Hook Up Clubs are always open for your convenience. University students tend to hang... [READ MORE]

UK Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: Stafford

There are many hookup bars and clubs in Stafford. Whether you are looking for a one night stand or something that may turn into an ongoing hookup. The bars and clubs in Stafford are some of the hottest spots across the UK. You will have an amazing time and... [READ MORE]

Don't Be Left Out In The Cold When Visiting UK Sex Clubs!

We know you can't wait to get started and visit all of the UK Sex Clubs right away - but before you jump in, why not get a little more acquainted with what's in store? After all, you don't want to embarrass yourself when you're stripped down in front of a bunch of strangers - do you? And we don't want you to go in half-cocked and unprepared either - which is exactly why we've found some of the best articles the web has to offer on the subject of attending UK Sex Clubs.

Are you someone who just doesn't know the best way to go to your first Sex Party in the United Kingdom? Are you unsure what to wear? Not sure whether you should bring someone with you to buffer the nervousness? Don't know if you should arrive too early or too late in the night? Are you someone who doesn't know whether you're attending the best UK Sex Clubs in your area? Do you need to know the difference between old-school swingers clubs and hot new chic sex parties? If you need answers to any of the following questions, then be sure to read the following articles! You will not be disappointed in with the information you'll find - we guarantee it!

Hit The Road And Visit Sex Clubs Across The Globe

Now that you know the best places find UK hookups and have the most satisfying sex of your life, don't you think it'd be a little selfish of you not to share what you've learned? With our guidance, you could visit sex clubs across the globe and see how they measure up to the UK - think of yourself as a kinky Christopher Columbus! But before you go, learn what you have in store by CLICKING HERE FOR OUR CANADIAN SEX CLUB GUIDE and CLICKING HERE FOR OUR US SEX CLUB GUIDE. Or you could learn everything we have to teach about International Hookup Spots by CLICKING RIGHT HERE!

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