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Why do people love to hook up so much in the United States? Is it the fun and excitement of having a new partner night after night? Is it that ability to explore different aspects of yourself with new people and learn about yourself in ways you never thought possible? Or is it simply that sex is just fun way to pass the time? Whatever it is, with more US Sex Clubs opening than ever before in the history of the country, as well as people being more open to express themselves sexually than ever before, one thing is true - US hookups are happening now more than ever.

And here at HookUpAds.com, we want you to join in on the fun! We're here to help you learn about the different hookup cultures across all the main cities in the United States, and find the best bars, nightclubs, and US Swingers Clubs in the country! If you've ever felt nervous about approaching someone in a bar or a club, or even thinking about stepping into a swingers club, then we're here to tell you - there's nothing to worry about, just go for it and have the time of your life!

Fun Facts About Sex In The US

Think you know everything there is to know about sex in the United States? We can guarantee you've still got at least a few things to learn. Here are some of the most interesting facts about sexuality in America right now. Not only will it help you with your hookup game in the future, it'll also give you some great conversation starters next time you're in a US sex club!


Only A Quarter Of The Country Uses Condoms


Although it's commonly known that everyone should be practicing safe sex, it was recently reported that only 1 in every 4 people use a condom when having sex. This is regardless of the fact that most men and women report that sex is just as enjoyable with a condom as it is without one!

It Takes More To Please A Woman Than A Man

Although sexual intercourse is the most popular sexual activity across the country, studies suggest that women require more than just intercourse to achieve an orgasm.

Men Like To Give And Take

It's a common misconception that American men are selfish when it comes to having sex; in fact, recent studies show - in terms of oral sex at least - that men give oral sex just as much as they receive it. This result is the same in American women as well! Although the number drops slightly when age is taken into consideration, as it was also found men between the ages of 20 to 24 receive oral sex 75% more than they perform it.

Three's (Welcome) Company In New York

According to a recent poll in which questioned both singles and couples across the country, it was found that citizens of New York have more threesomes than any other place in America. That said, even with three to a bed New York still isn't the most sexually active state in the country.

The Green Mountain State Doesn't Settle Down

Vermont may seem like an unassuming location as far as sex is concerned, but residents of the Green Mountain State are reported to have the highest number of different sexual partners across their life span. Not only that, but Massachusetts has been found to have more one-night-stands than any other state in the country as well!

Sex Is Money In Atlanta

Of all the cities across the United States of American, Atlanta makes the most money from sex; this total was arrived at from the combined income generated by Adult entertainment clubs, the sale of sexual devices, and other sexual enterprises.

American Women Would Rather A Hot Mean Than Hot Sex

No, it's not just a sitcom joke - it was found in a recent poll in Everyday Health that most American women said they would pass up sex if it meant having a tasty meal instead. And not just a few women either - over 73% of the women polled agreed with this statement.

American Men Are Average Across The Globe

When it comes to penis size across the planet, American men can happily say that they're 'average'! Coming in at an average length of five (5) inches, the United States comes right in the middle of South Korea (with the smallest average size at a reported 3.6 inches) and France (with the largest average penis size at 6.2 inches)!

Break The Ice At US Hookup Bars Near You!

Going to the bar is a great way to unwind - we all know that. And we also know that they're a good way to meet people too. But if you want to do more than just say hello - say you want to find someone who doesn't mind you taking them home with you - then you need to find the right bar to make that happen. For those of you out there who still want to find sexy hookups in the US, but don't think you're ready to start visiting US sex clubs, here are some of the best bars in the country for picking up fun and sexy people!

Death & Co. - Denver, Colorado

Not to be confused with it's big-city brother in New York), Denver's Death & Company is easily one of the top tier bars in all of America for finding someone new to spend the night with. A stunning sight to behold in the city's Ramble Hotel, this drinking establishment is often frequented by young professionals and artists who are looking to have a stylish drink and stirring conversation while meeting other hot guys and girls in one of the top US hookup bars! Next time you're in Denver, be sure to stop into 1280 25th Street and order someone sexy a telegraph - one of their signature drinks!

Manolito - New Orleans, Louisiana

If I were to tell you that I was going to tell you about a bar where you could order a large selection of top-notch rum-based cocktails on a bright patio that feels just like Cuba, chances are you wouldn't think we were going to Louisiana - but that's exactly what Manolito offers! Besides the delicious shaker-made drinks and succulent dishes, Manolito is a US hookup bar that will show your sexy new friends that you know how to be fun and stylish all at once! For a taste of something different in the New Orleans French quarter, don't hesitate to make the trip to 508 Dumaine Street and visit Manolito!

Walt's - Los Angeles, California

Want to know the secret to finding a hot guy or cute girl who likes to have fun? You've got to look in the places where people are already having fun - and Walt's at 4680 Eagle Rock Blvd in Los Angeles is just one of those places. A unique and affordable watering hole that refers to itself as a "pinball bar", Walt's is the ideal venue for meeting adorable hipster chicks and handsome trendy guys for a steamy hookup! Aside from the pinball fun, Walt's is also known for it's giant-sized German pretzels - be sure to try a sample if you stop in!

Better Luck Tomorrow - Houston, Texas

Better Luck Tomorrow isn't just one of your average, run of the mill US hookup bars - it's an all-out assault on your senses! This bright, exciting, multi-colored establishment boasts not only mouth-watering food (we recommend you try the party melt), but it also original cocktails and mixed-drinks served from behind a bar that feels like it's built entirely out of neon rainbows! For anyone out there looking to put a bit of sparkle into their sex, clubs in Houston have nothing on bars like Better Luck Tomorrow for meeting that special hookup! If you are visiting Houston, you can find Better Luck Tomorrow (or BLT as it's owners call it) at 544 Yale Street.

Never Get Lost Navigating The Hottest US Hookup Clubs

It's common knowledge that one of the most typical types establishments to visit if you're looking for a quick and fun hookup is a nightclub - but some nightclubs will produce better results than others. That last thing we at HookUpAds want is for our members to do is leave the club alone at the end of a fruitless night - which is why we've singled out a couple of the best nightclubs and dance clubs in the country for finding men and women that like taking the after party to the bedroom!

Tao Las Vegas - Las Vegas, Nevada

This upscale nightclub in the heart of Las Vegas (3355 Las Vegas Blvd.) is what we would call an example of one of the definitive US hookup clubs. Located in the Venetian Hotel and Casino, at first appearances the Tao Las Vegas would probably seem less like a nightclub and more like an entire Asian city; with Asian-inspired decor and food - as well as a 20 foot tall golden Buddha statute in the center of the room - this 10,000 square foot club is the perfect place to drink, eat, dance, and find your perfect Las Vegas hookup!

Playhouse Nightclub - Los Angeles, California

At 6506 Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles, not only will you lucky people find the Playhouse Nightclub, you also might find yourself in the middle of a night you'll never forget! The main feature that the Playhouse has over any other nightclub in the city is their state of the art sound and lighting systems, which invites a constant rotation of in-demand European DJ's that perform at the club every night and bring hundreds of sexy girls and studly guys through the doors!. There are dozens of US hookup clubs to choose from in Los Angeles (just look at our Los Angeles hookup page for proof!), but we think Playhouse is really something special.

Mansion Nightclub - Miami Beach, Florida

Miami Beach is a city that's know across the world for its spicy and vibrant nightlife - and if you need any proof of that reputation all you need to do is visit Mansion Nightclub at 1235 Washington Ave. This place is THE go-to club in Miami - so don't be surprised to see hundreds of people lined up outside waiting to get it! But if you dress the part (there is a very strict dress code), you'll be able to walk through it's doors and under it's glorious LED archways to meet countless hot girls and sexy guys. It may not officially be a sex club, but it might as well be with all the hookups that happen there!

Royale Nightclub - Boston, Massachusetts

Boston isn't the type of city that most Americans think of when they picture the best nightclubs in the country - but the Royale Nightclub definitely puts the city on the map! With a dance floor that is more reminiscent of a Victorian ballroom than a nightclub (it even has a obtuse crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling), the Royale brings a large degree of class to your typical dance club experience. Playing both live music and DJ sets, the Royale (at 279 Tremont Street) is place to go if you want to dance the night away to Hip-Hop, Top 40, and House music.

Have Fun Beyond Your Wildest Dreams At Hot US Sex Clubs!

These days sex clubs aren't the secret and scandalous things that our parents only whispered about - in our present culture they're about as American as apple pie. And if you're like us and want to get that sticky pie all over your fingers, you'll want to check out as many hot and exciting US sex clubs as you possibly can. We've gone to the biggest cities in across the entire United States of American and found not only the hottest US swingers clubs, but also the most popular US hookup bars and hookup clubs this country has to offer as well!

US Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: Atlanta

If you are looking for an endless variety of nightlife activities, Atlanta is the city to explore. After all, it is known as the strip club capital of America for a reason. Regardless of where you end up - whether that's in the happening Downtown Atlanta, the laid-back Eastside and... [READ MORE]

US Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: Boston

Boston sees a lot of tourists and locals going out on any given day and it leads to some fun mingle every single time. Singles here are at an advantage as Boston has a nightlife that is very much theirs in style and feel with a hookup culture all of... [READ MORE]

US Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: Chicago

With a large population comes a large population of singles. Chicago is a cool city these days with more places to go out than ever before. Our list of hookup places is where you want to go to find the perfect one for you. Doing so in a city... [READ MORE]

US Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: Cleveland

Cleveland is a great city with a newly diverse and active hookup scene that spans nightclubs, bars, and swingers and sex club. Things in Cleveland have been heating up for a while now and it's a great city to visit or relocate to and enjoy with new people you meet... [READ MORE]

US Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: Dallas

Dallas is a city that has seen a resurgence in the last 20 years with plenty of young people moving there for work and for fun as the city has a lot to offer and has been appealing to them in new ways every year. New people means more dating... [READ MORE]

US Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: Denver

Denver is a city that is getting young and hipper each year, with people moving there from more expensive mega cities and metropolitan areas. Here the people make decent money and have low bills, so they go out a lot. The Mile-High City is a great place to find... [READ MORE]

US Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: Houston

If you're secretly dreaming to go out and party with the person you love, the hookup bars in Houston have something special in store for you. The sort of events set up at the Swingers Clubs in Houston is to live for. All those who haven't tried yet, these clubs... [READ MORE]

US Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: Indianapolis

To have fun in Indianapolis, there's never the perfect time than heading out after midnight. After a long day, the best places for entertainment are hookup bars and nightclubs that stay open till late for your personal enjoyment and fun. So before questioning yourself for the right time, don't overthink... [READ MORE]

US Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: Las Vegas

Las Vegas is simply a city that never sleeps. No matter what the day or time is, every place in this city will have its doors open for you. Las Vegas just never stops partying. You can literally have the best time of your life, make use of the most... [READ MORE]

US Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: Los Angeles

LA, the city of angels has so much to offer, including a lot of great hookup bars, clubs, and other places where you can easily meet someone to bring home for the night or more! The city of opportunity and stars is a great place to come for some... [READ MORE]

US Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: Nashville

Nashville is a great place to live and visit with a fantastic hookup scene where you can meet someone on your first night out in town for a great night! Being a great music city, Nashville is a perfect place to go out to a bar or a club and...[READ MORE]

US Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: New Orleans

New Orleans is a great city to visit when you are looking for fun evenings, lots of partying, and potentially hooking up with new people. Nola has so many great party spots, finding the best ones to hookup can be a daunting task. Our list here helps by keeping... [READ MORE]

US Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: New York City

It's time to get easy and celebrate after midnight, in NYC, better known as the city that never sleeps. New York City is supposed to stay awake and illuminated all night, and those who like to party are the ones that give it life, even after the clock strikes midnight... [READ MORE]

US Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: Philadelphia

Philadelphia is one of those places that often gets overlooked by tourist for reasons unknown. Here we are to tell you that Philly is a great city for hookups and that you should not overlook it as a tourism location either. Philadelphia's hookup spots are somewhat of a well-guarded... [READ MORE]

US Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is a place where there are plenty of locals and lots of tourists going out on any given night. Of course, these people are not all going out to hookup, but the 20's and 30's crowd in particular is going to bars and clubs with an open mind... [READ MORE]

US Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: Portland

Clubs are deeply ingrained in Portland's history it may seem. In fact, Portland has the highest number of strip clubs per capita in the entire country! Any city with this wild of a history is bound to have an even wilder present. And it's for sure a present we would... [READ MORE]

US Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: Sacramento

Whoever is fond of adding spice and adventure in their life would definitely support the idea of hookups, read through our well-organized list and make the righteous choice for yourself! This city is going to turn things like a three-sixty degree angle for you and make everything around you so... [READ MORE]

US Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: San Antonio

There is always something happening somewhere in San Antonio and you for sure do not want to miss out! From proper clubbing on the weekends to getting really cheap drinks on Thirsty Thursdays, it really just boils down to the matter of when you would like to party, rather than... [READ MORE]

US Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: San Diego

It's no secret that San Diego is a very liberal and accepting city. That really helps with the kind of experience one may garner in clubs and bars. Nearly everyone there is down to get dirty and that makes it way easier to walk up to someone or dance till... [READ MORE]

US Sex Clubs & Hookup Spots: Seattle

If you're single you can visit the exciting nightclubs to find yourself a mate and get laid right away. Besides, it is a place where all the homosexuals can even have an immense fun because it has clubs that are exclusively for gays and lesbians, with performance, seductive environment, naked... [READ MORE]

Read Up And Be Prepared For Your US Sex Club Experience!

The last thing anyone ever wants when they're about to engage in their first US Sex Club experience is to get to the party and realize they're completely unprepared! After all, who wants to wrestle around with the person who forgot to bring the cherry flavored lubricant, am I right? There are some definite do's and don'ts when it comes to participating in US Sex Clubs that are different from the types of swingers parties you might find yourself participating in within other areas of the globe; and if you're going to have one of the sexiest, funnest nights of your life, you need to know what to expect.

For instance, wouldn't you like to hear some advice from a younger crowd as to the in's and out's of sex club etiquette in our current day and age? Or what about finding out where the best sex clubs are in the city you plan on visiting? Or, most importantly, what exactly is it going to be like if you happen to walk into a US Sex Club for the first time in your kinky new life? Don't be unprepared! We've scrubbed the internet and found the following articles that are bound to help you out when you're feeling frisky - check them out!

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