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TeenStories.com has everything you need to find pleasure reading young sex stories at your leisure. The site was launched in 2001 and has grown popular since then. Lots of updates have been done to the site's design; making it more user friendly and easy to browse. The stories are free to read and you don't have to sign up as a member. All the stories are on the main page; organized in categories such as First Time, Cheating, MILF, Teen and more.

TeenStories.com Has Thousands Of Enticing And Hot Young Sex Stories To Choose From!

  • 50 pages - jam packed with young sex stories
  • Website has a vintage design
  • Easy to navigate
  • Active links
  • Hundreds of folders of story files
  • Various categories with story links
  • Traditional design of story pages
  • Wide array of genres that include Femdom, First Time and BDSM
  • True stories and fictional stories
  • Sex videos


LitErotica.com is popular for its steamy young sex stories. If you are looking for stories with an erotic and sensual voice, you will love being part of the Literotica.com crowd of users. The site is celebrating more than two decades of providing sex stories to the online community. All the stories have their own storylines and themes, making them unique.

LitErotica.com Allows Users To Browse The Site For Free And Read Young Sex Stories That Captivate The Mind And Heart!

  • 30 different categories that include Anal Play, Mature, Gay Male and BDMS
  • Top story tags
  • Easy to search and navigate
  • Side menu
  • Hundreds of story links on each page
  • Story descriptions
  • Comment on each story
  • Show number of story views
  • SSL secure site
  • Story rating
  • Like stories
  • Choose username and password to sign up for free
  • Policy and cookie policy


SexStories.com has been around for a number of years and is growing to become quite popular as it relates to young sex stories. Many of the stories were written by amateur writers, but they are professionally written. The stories have a wide range of themes. There are no videos and photos on the site. It is free to enjoy steamy young sex stories on this site.

SexStories.com Is Where You Will Find Some Of The Most Popular Young Sex Stories Online!

  • Hundreds of pages of young sex stories with hundreds of different themes
  • More than ten genres that include True Stories, Fictional stories, Essays and Diaries
  • Simple web layout
  • Well written stories
  • Easy to navigate and user friendly
  • Live web cam and porn site links
  • Secure browsing
  • Submit story for approval and publishing
  • Author guidelines
  • Daily digest


NewSexStory.com has all the manpower when it comes to bringing the online community a place to hang out and read hot young sex stories all day long. There are thousands of published stories to choose from. After being online for more than five years, the site has added so much to make the browsing experience on that is smooth and easily accessible to the user. NewSexStory.com has a list of mostly fictional sex stories; although some of them are stories from real experiences.

NewSexStory.com Invites Teens And Others To Read Their Exciting New Young Sex Stories That Were Recently Added!

  • Submit a story
  • Top authors
  • Current posts
  • Simply layout for mobile and desktop
  • Local sex chat
  • Various categories with each having hundreds of story listings
  • Long and short stories
  • Fictional and true stories
  • Privacy policy
  • Good customer support


JuicySexStories.com is an online platform that has a large collection of juicy young sex stories. The site was created for the purpose of reading and sharing stories with friends, family and your social media following. You will find links to videos and webcams. The stories are well written; some being fictional and others being non-fictional and written from experience.

JuicySexStories.com Is Porud Of Its Hot Young Sex Stories Added Each Week!

  • Wide range of categories that include First Time, Affairs, BDSM, Teen, Gay, Indian and more
  • Simply site layout
  • About Us page
  • Third person stories
  • Current news
  • Book page
  • Quick links to stories
  • Fantasy theme
  • Free membership
  • Each member gets a personal story wall where photos and posts can be shared
  • Site is similar to Facebook design
  • Heavily moderated


LushStories.com is a special site that hosts young sex stories that you can read in your spare time. This is the ideal site to bookmark since sex stories are added on a frequent basis. You will have long and short sex stories to choose form. Once you read a story, you can give feedback and make comments to help others make an informed decision. The storyline is described from the onset and so you will know whether you want to read a specific story or not.

LushStories.com Is An Online Portal That Offers Free Membership For Young Sex Stories!

  • Thousands of published stories on a daily basis
  • Fictional and true stories
  • Attractive site layout
  • Audio stories
  • Electronic books
  • Story contests
  • Story descriptions
  • Live cams
  • Discussion forum community
  • Sex chat for users
  • Live chat for authors


WellSexStories.com is well known because it has been around for so many years. The site has a wide range of categories and the stories are text based. You won't find many pop ads on this site to distract you. There is a menu located at the bottom of the home page that lists the categories where you will find the story that you want. The stories are divided in chapters for easy reading. If you want to share your true experiences, you can write and submit your own personal story.

WellSexStories.com Invites Users To Submit Their Own Personal Young Sex Stories To Be Published!

  • Hundreds of pages with sex stories that include a wide range of categories
  • Easy to navigate
  • User friendly
  • Blog like layout
  • Helpful categories and menus for easy access
  • Secure browsing
  • Site translation
  • Mobile and desktop version
  • True and fictional stories
  • Fast loading site


SexStoriesPost.com is proud of its many categories of young sex stories, which are alphabetized and in such order that they are easy to find. The stories are in short and long form and so, you will get to choose a story that you can read quickly or one that you may have to come back to. The stories are listed on the page as you would find it in a traditional blog style. There is a page with lots of articles with tips and advice you can take advantage of.

SexStoriesPost.com Offers Young Sex Stories In Different Types Of Languages!

  • Free access to millions of sex stories
  • No forceful registration process
  • Links to articles
  • Date of published stories and list of author's names
  • Wide range of categories to choose from
  • Long and short stories
  • Story descriptions
  • Different genres and themes
  • Some true stories have illustrated photos


SexStories-All.com is a modern site that houses hot young sex stories that are enticing and salacious. The stories are mostly based on fantasy, but there are some true stories you can read. The authors are both amateur and experienced. There are almost 50 categories to search. You don't have to sign up to use the site. Just go directly to the site where you will choose stories from the category you desire.

SexStories-All.com Has Illustrated Lists Of Young Sex Stories That You will Find To Be Erotic And Exciting!

  • True and fictional sex stories
  • Blog like site layout
  • Easy to navigate and user friendly
  • More than 100 pages of sex stories to chose from
  • Stories are easy to find using the basic search bar
  • Stories listed by category, publication date, author's name and title
  • Confession stories
  • Favorite author


Before you start searching for Young Sex Stories, you should first go to Hookupads.com to read the reviews that are listed to guide you to make a choice.

NSFWStories.com Allows Users To Search The Website For The Best Of The Best Young Sex Stories!

  • Simple layout; making it easy to navigate and search
  • Basic and advanced search features
  • Blog like site layout
  • Add story
  • Sign up for free
  • Site help
  • Contact Us
  • Trending sex stories
  • Comment on stories
  • Story snippets
  • Meet the author
  • Like stories

Hookupads.com Has Thousands Of Exciting Young Sex Stories

Before you start searching for Young Sex Stories, you should first go to Hookupads.com to read the reviews that are listed to guide you to make a choice.

Hookupads.com Has Thousands Of Exciting Young Sex Stories